Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Oh, so cute little Eiffel tower.
Hi people!
I'm sorry that I privated my bloggie for a few days, err, weeks? Hihie. Doesn't matter now because it is alive again. The purpose of closing my blog to public was simple. I want to do a makeover for my blog. You know, put a little of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, BB cream, powder. Errr. Merapu sudah. Abaikan.

Anyway, yah. Can you guys see the makeover? I know it isn't much *laughs* but I think it kind of look different lah right? Impossible if you guys says it looks the same cause I spent a few midnights doing it you know. Sobsobs. If you can't see the difference, kindly please refer to your nearest optometrist. kihkih.

I asked for the expert in this editing process. haha. Cik Bazilah laa. Well, since she is my bestie, might as well kacau her and ask her how to do transparent header. Because usually she'll be the one who used to design my header, mihmih. Umm, let's say that I am pampered. haha

The new blog title is DREAMCHASE. I spent quite some time thinking what should I have as my title. And suddenly the word 'dream' entered my mind. Then I thought that if just put the word 'dream' tak cukup gempak! haha. So I cracked my head again and yes, i want to chase my dream. So, I officially announce that my new blog title is DREAMCHASE! Woohoooo!

I wanted some change in my blog appearance because well, I have changed too. Not exactly. But well, I do need a good change. I am trying to change. After all, Cik Amni says that we are now young ladies, hihie. So, act like one! More matured lah I mean. Not putting our heads high and flirt with any boys we see just because we are eighteen right? Ehemehem. Oh, age is such a taboo for me. Boohoo. And, I have fallen in love with vintage style, mihmihmih. So the background is something like vintage. Hihie.

Anyway, I refered to a few blogs for their tutorial as well! Credits to them! :D Just in case you guys want to look for nice, easy-to-understand tutorials, here are the links:

Well, this post is just especially for my little comeback. Since I can't shout anywhere, might as well shout here, at my blog! HEY. I'M BACK!!! XD

P/S: Sometimes I wonder how will my wedding be. *lots of laugh in a gedik way*

Okay, byeee :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


" If the heart is always searching
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone
Never make it on my own "
-Jonas Brothers' When You Look Me in The Eyes-


Hi people! XD
Muahhh, XOXO *ewww*
I think lately I jadi semakin gedik. Semakin lama, semakin gedik.'Gedikness' is directly propotional to time. Awww, reminds me of Physics. sobsobs. Bazilah says it is because i have nothing to do. hihie. 

Last night, as usual, online Facebook, Blogger. Suddenly terdetik di hati nak tengok school photos. Actually was laughing at first. Then, sebak, sedih and break down. After that, terus capai phone and wrote.
" Td buko fb, tngok2 gmbr sek kito 5 alfa dlu. Tibo2 mace basoh jh pipi. 
Hi awk. Sy rindu awk semua. Sobsob. "
I don't know why suddenly sensitive. Sebab usia dah tua kot.kahkah.

I love this photo not because I look pretty and very girlish, wekks. But I love this photo because of the class background. Because of the pink school bag that I miss carrying it. Because of my additional red bag. Because of my purple giant bottle. Because I'm wearing my school uniform. And because of the person beside me. I miss everything about school, yes. I miss school :)

Proudly, I want to say that my time in school all these years are not wasted. For me, school is never wholly about just gaining knowledge so that you can score in exams. But it is about making friends and relationships with people that means (really much) to you.

Anyway, my daily routine of listening to my sister talking about her current school life makes me jealous. muehheheee. I tell myself that it's okayy because next week, hopefully I'm gonna visit my school!! XD

P/S:: When I'm typing this, there is a group of girls, clad in school uniforms, chatting in front of my house. Jealoussss! --"

Okay peeps, chao!
Don't miss me! *gediks lattew*


Hi there!
Look what I've found! *gaps*

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

I know, this is worldwide phenomenon. Or I'm the only one who thought so.haha
I think both of them looks cute, LOL :P
Seriously cuteeeeeeee!!
Sorry hardcore Directioners *apologetic face* *wave*

" Losing him was blue like you've never known,
Missing him was dark grey all alone,
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met, but
Loving him was red,
Loving him was red. "

P/S:: Miss Amni finally updated her bloggie!! :))))

Hihie, okayy, chao!
TC people! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello people! *winkwink*

Forgive me, I just like to write winkwink, for no reason, hahaa. Maybe because in real life, I can't really wink you see. My eyebrows just remain static! Anyway, lame sangat opening ni, kan kan? Hummm. Life goes on as usual. Except that now I got a new interest. I like to like and share back beautiful awesome photos that I saw on Facebook. Like the one up there! See, the beautiful Eiffel? Love it, muahh. XD

Okay. Seriously lack of words and kelentongs. OMG. 

Err, byeee.

P/S:: Sorry, really awkward opening and abrupt ending haha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teukir Di Bintang Tak Mungkin Hilang Cintaku Padamu Part II

Hi people! Ape cite? XD
Anyone miss me? *no answer* 
Sigh --" (frustrated)

Okayy, hello again. Haha. Sorry, that was really a silly opening. Maybe, maybe I am just restless these few days. Restless but lazy. Which somehow means that I am the one who actually bored myself. Sometimes I'm excited you see. The title of this post is not relevant. I just tumpang glamour Yuna and Aizat in Anugerah Juara Lagu haha. 

" Sayang jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku,
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu "

Well, I am one step to getting older, wekk, before I am currently taking motorcycle and car driving license! Peewittt! Haha. That's the reason for my absence. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. 

I THINK I am actually quite fast in this license process thingy. ROFL! I stared on last Saturday which I name super-awkward day. Haha. I knew no one, no one when I went there in the morning. I was like in a "Apakah?" mood for the whole morning. You see. Duduk tak kena. Tongkat dagu tak kena. Baju macam senget sebelah. Seluar macam tinggi sebelah. And I wonder if I wore matching shirt, trousers and shoes the whole day. Sampai dah serabut dah I fikir pasal hal ni. You see, I am sort of a very over self-conscious person. Ehem ehem. Anyway, I googled the definition of self-conscious and this particular paragraph caught my eyes. Sharing is caring, right?

"Unlike self-awareness, which in a philosophical context is being conscious of oneself as an individual, self-consciousness, being excessively conscious of one's appearance or manner, can be a problem at times. Self-consciousness is often associated with shyness and embarrassment, in which case a lack of pride and low self-esteem can result."

 But I am trying to change this not-so-good attitude! Worrying about my impression on people isn't worth my precious time. Okay, I'll try to bury this thought in my head. Teeheeheee. :P

Oh, the plus point about going to this driving lessons is I get to see my chemek-chemek sekalian. Haha. Bazilah, Fadlina, Farah. It feels better to have someone you know around in an alien place. It feels awesome that you can laugh out loud even on little things when you are with besties, agree? Really happy lah. We all talk, talk, talk and ignoring people around us. Yes, kami semua memang suka sangat bab-bab potpetpotpet ni. Hello, we are girls right. Lepas rindu katakan. XD

Eh, want to know something? My Ujian Undang-Undang results is exactly the pass mark. 42/50. Thank God. I was nervous that morning. Because when I did my pre-test at the akademi memandu, I failed. That haunts me okay. My heart was like dupdapdupdap when I enter the room to do the computer test. I think I kind of smiled and grinned too wide when I stepped out of the room because some people wore weird faces when they see me. I looked too bright maybe? Duno, I never get the chance to ask anyone there because I labelled everyone there as 'unknowns'. I just want to get out from there as fast as I can. 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving"
-Albert Einstein-

P/S: The cereal picture up there looks yummy right? I haven't eaten cereal for a long time. I remembered how I eat the cereals in my bowl one by one at a time. That was ages ago. 
God, how I long to be a kid again. :')

Okay lah. Want to concentrate on watching my Chinese drama and after that Setia Hujung Nyawa. I am currently a tv freak haha. I want to read Setia Hujung Nyawa punya novel..! T.T

Ok peeps, chao! 
Byee :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

Terukir Di Bintang Tak Mungkin Hilang Cintaku Padamu

Hello people! :)
I guess this post happens to be my first 2013 post right? Cool. :P

I guess I haven't yet been doing anything lately. In fact I haven't been doing anything in year 2013. Duh, because the year had just started! Muehehee. You see, the daily routine of this post-student me is waking up finding that I'm the only one still in pajama. Rub my eyes a bit and hit the shower. Breakfast wasn't really an option because I hate sitting alone at the dining table to eat. Except if my stomach is somehow making funny little noises and I'll drink a cup of Milo with oats to shut it up. Somehow or rather the day will be filled with me helping around my Pa's shop, cooking lunch and keeping the house clean. When I'm free, I'll just curled on the sofa, reading a novel while listening to the rhythm of the rain. Too lazy to turn on the laptop. It has been raining really heavily lately. So sometimes I wonder when will it stop.

Anyway, with my parents' help, I've started organising thing that I want to do before my result comes up. First, brush up my Mandarin language. Already get my schedule from the teacher. Next, driving license! Whoa, I really get so damn excited when this matter comes up haha. Yalah. Most of my friends are already their practical lessons while I'm still stuck in the house, jealous. Haha. Tomorrow going to register and enter the bengkel. Hewhew. Hours of ceramah. Ohmaigoddd. I haven't like go for something official like for one month plus and I'm apparently alone. --"

Oh, about the title. I have been humming that lyric every now and then after I watch the advertisment on tv. This part is catchy and cute! Oh, have you all got the news? Yuna won't be singing Terukir Di Bintang for Anugerah Juara Lagu this time. So, agak terkilan di sini ya. Ganti dengan Aizat. So, go Aizat go!

Ok then, chao!! 
Take care peeps:)