Saturday, February 25, 2012

reminder to everyone out there, 

You'll never know how PRECIOUS and MEANINGFUL SOMEONE can be in OUR LIVES, IF HE/ SHE NEVER LEAVES. In my case, when he/ she pretends to leave. LUCKILY, IT WAS FAKE! PHEWW.

ilysm  :)

stakes are high, water is rough

"Don't you worry your pretty little mind,
people throw rocks at things that shine,
and life makes love look hard,
The stakes are high, the water is rough,
but this love is ours."
 -OURS, Taylor Swift-

hi buddies! :)

phew, what a week. sorry guys, but my bloggie acts as a place for me to sigh and share. haha. rely sorry. if u can't bear my nonsense blabbering, you can always click the 'X' above and my blog will be gone for good. i HATE being forced and i HATE forcing people. *wink* alamak,does it sounds a bit if emo? uhh. yah, i am 'emo-ing' now. HAHA. #mood swing#

btw, have no idea why i post OURS up there. honestly, i fall for the song. hee. :D thanks so much to the person who recomended. well, you know who you are. :))) oh, do listen to another Taylor Swift's song, feat The Civil Wars, SAFE AND SOUND. awsome!!!! perfect for sentimental hearts, like me. HEHE :P

k, duno what to write. :P 
tc all! 
bye! >.<

Friday, February 17, 2012


this post is dedicated to everyone in my 17 years life. 
especially to everyone of you who stood beside me in the ups and downs, 
and supported me all through the years.
your love, affection, care, attention is much more than enough.

hey, this post is supposed to be posted on 14th of February but oh well.
hope it's not too late, 
happy valentine's day!!

p/s:: the cute pics above are danbo cardboards! cute huh? :D

lots of love, 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


hello world!

sorry, sorry, sorry for ignoring you. 
sorry, sorry, sorry for putting you on hold.
sorry, sorry, sorry for not updating you.
sorry, sorry, sorry for being silent when it's New Year and i didn't post anything when other bloggers are busy posting about year 2011 and their resolutions.
sorry, sorry, sorry. i know. i'm such a pathetic blogger. =,=

i've been planning posts after posts but when i switched on the lappy, the ideas and words just disappear to nowhere. seriously. i also don't know why and how did that happened!

so many words to describe my life now.
my life is hectic. upside down. frustrating. stressful.
(but at the same time..)
my life is fun. awesome. enjoyable. happy.
*forced smile*

oh yah, i don't and wouldn't care if it's too late or what. just want to wish..
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! :)  
still the old quote, LIVE, LOVE, LOL.  

wonder if i'll keep posting? i hope i will. i hope i'll manage to. i hope i'll have time to. :)

k, tataa. 

~hey peeps. keep smilin' eventhough the world is upside down~