Thursday, May 31, 2012

Syafiqah Hashim's 3rd Giveaway :)

Hi everyone! :)

I'm joining this particular giveaway. If I get lucky then can get the gifts. I'll give the shawl to one of my friends if I win, hehe. Angan-angan kosong once in a while is okay right? :P Well, thanks Syasya for tagging me :) I knew her when I went blogwalking this few days. Kantoi online lama-lama, haha. Anyway, do visit her cute blog. Klik below to go to her blog :)

 I am tagging these three girls yaa!! Click at the banner above to join :)

Okay, gtg.
p/s: hope can write an entry tonight :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

entah ape-ape

Drop everything now,
Meet me in the pouring rain,
Kiss me on the sidewalk,
Take away the pain,
Cause I see sparks fly,
Whenever you smile 

Heartfelt feelings :)

"Kau katakan padaku
Betapa lelahnya dirimu menghadapi aku
Kau katakan padaku
Ingin kau mengakhiri semua ini
Tak bisakah engkau cuba
Melihat diriku dan semua cintaku
 Tak bisakah kau cuba hargai hatiku dan perasaanku untukmu"

Hi all!!
Sorry, i am crazy with this song right now. Really damn touching tau. Especially kat depan lagu tuu. Sila rujuk kepada lirik kat atas tuu. :') The title is 'SEMUA ISI HATIMU". Sung by 3 Suara:: Jacklyn Victor, Ning Baizura and Sheila Amzah. They are so awesome, okayy. I love the three trios since they sung Beribu Sesalan. :)  

Anyway, the song is just for my introduction for this entry this time. HEHE. I'm dead boringgg. Uh, not real dead okay. I'm still in front of the laptop and..breathing? Jap, jap, check nadi jap. Oh, i'm fine. No worries. Uh, Yen, ada orang worry pasal you ke? Tak payah perasaan! haha. Back to the point, yap. Boring. Mainly because i'm alone upstairs now. I only have vitagen as my companion. Oops, kantoi minum vitagen. Sorry guys, can't share. It's the last bottle and heyy, it's yummy okayy. haha.

My sister, May is not around laa. She get to go back Perak a week earlier. huh. Not fair right? T.T But I get to use the lappy as much as I can. HEHE. No one to fight and quarrel with. In Kelantanese, i'll say, "tak dok ore nok ajok gojoh". haha. If she is here right now, i wouldn't be in such a peace. She'll be talking about this, about that. haha. Yap, she's so talkative. She can talk so much that sometimes i have to listen to her stories until late and night and until Mummy gives warning to go sleep. haha. We'll ended up having dark circles at our eyes and sleepy the next morning, kua3. See, it is to that extend. So, beware. 

It'll lucky that our house is not that big and we share almost everything together, including bedrooms. Which is a lucky thing, because we can share stories during bedtime. We'll both whisper in darkness and laugh like nobody's business, haha. If any of us take with a tone higher, the other will give a stern look and both will be silent, for a wile. To make sure that our parents do not hear us. Then? Continue gossiping of course! :)

The most awkward moment both of us can have is when our parents' friends ask which is the eldest and which is the youngest. Haha. It is too damn obvious that May is much taller, -,-. Although we have a three years of difference. I already accept that fact. Most people can guess that i'm older cause my face is more mature. Cewahh. haha. But the height issue will forever be raised. After that, we'll both laugh together. It's just too obvious that i am so, so, so short. Okayy, don't mind. Hehe. At least if i can't reach anything that is on the topmost shelf or rack, she can be my saviour. :P 

Uh, i suddenly miss that moment :') Hey, we both stick like glue, tape, or whatever, just name it. So it is okay if i miss her right? oops, kantoi lagi! :)

To end this entry, let these pictures speak.  

this was taken during the filming, kite flying  :)

2012 CNY :)

last year's photo at ama's bday party :)

thanks mr. google :)
thanks mr. google :)

Btw, my sister is a pretty girl. Like her sister of course. Haha. Sorry, i memang suka angkat bakul sendiri. Tinggi-tinggi pulak tuu. Oh, she is going to kill me when she reads this sentence. but, i still wanna write, 
"Anyone guys interested with May? :P "

Oky, gtg.
Think of starting holidays homework.
Chaiyok SPM 2012 :)

Bye people. Spread love. Don't forget.
Look after you own heart darling.
Most love, 
Yen :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

i remind you, i remind myself.

hi there! :)

The school holidays just started. Well, mine too. hehe. But not a very 'Happy Holidays'. Hopefully, it can be really Happy Holidays during the second week. Oyeah, i am sacrificing for SPM :')

My mood is like up, down, up, down. I myself also don't understand why. HAHA. Too much examination mood maybe. HEHE. Yalah, during exam, stress. After exam, also stress due something else, more specific, due to some err, dishonest attitudes of some people. I repeat, just SOME people. This post was actually planned since yesterday but I haven't got any time to let my fingers play freely on this keyboard. Ngee :)

Okay, straight to the point. This post acts as a reminder. For everyone, me too. Because yapp, humans are forgetful beings, right? We often forget that our acts influences some people's life too. We often forget to think careful before doing something. And we often forget that The Big Guy up there is watching us, evaluating every actions that we take.

Yeah, that probably the worst that can happen. The worst is even worse if it is just happening around us, huh? It is even worse if you can even do anything about it, huh? Just watch, blink in disbelieve, take a deep breath and just pretend like you didn't notice anything. Although you just want to stand up and scream to that particular person, "Hey!! I saw what you did!". But nope, i didn't, the ones who saw didn't, WE didn't.

Unfortunately, you seem to have no thought of guilty, or shame at all. I know, we know that you know that we know. Well, everyone is trying to be hypocrite, you know. WE don't talk right into your face about what we did. Cause even if we did, it won't make much a difference. *weak smile*

Hey, everyone is desperate. Well, i and desperate too. Desperate for success and we all should feel that, right? Desperate is good. It keeps me going!! Weeeeee. However, seems like your desperation has get over the boundary. You're taking short cuts to success darling. And it is not good? Let's not talk the effects to the people around you first. It is not good for you, actually, particularly.

See darling, there is no shortcuts.
The way to success is a straight line :)

Anyway, please don't be so desperate? Control it darling. Too much is a no-no. please don't boast about the things that you are not suppose to boast. It is not a need darling, we know all about it. May God show you the correct path darling :)

Sorry everyone. I, Wee Soo Yen, am a human, who have feelings. :)

"Don't be an angle, be a human"
Quoted by, 
my friend, Aishah yang cun :P

okay, gotta keep going,
take care all. <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hi !! ^__________^

this is super-duper sweet <3,
thanks mr. google :)

Okayyy, i ada paper ICT esok. LAST PAPER. WEEEE. Sangat excited youu know. Mungkin esok lepas exam i akan lompat-lompat sebab terlalu excited. Childish k? Sorry, i am childish, still. HEHE.

colourful and so nice and you know what,
gambar ni tak  ade kaitan pon dengan post :P
thanks :)

Pelik tak? Ada paper, tapi masih online? Err, sebenarnya rancang nak buat latihan ICT tapi terpesong pulak. haha. Siap hantar e-mail to Amni and siap usha blog orang lagi. Application of ICT katakan. :P

thanks mr. google :)

Anyway, siapa perasaan i guna BM, actually rojak, (see, i did it again) untuk post kali ni? Uh, tak ade orang eh? Okay, tak ape. *muka tak malu dan tak bersalah* Sebab, i sangat happy dengan result paper2 BM i. Weeeee... :)))

Okay, got to go. Focus, tak nak result ICT jatuh macam tahun lepas. 
Tak sabar nak blogging nanti cuti sekolah!! Yeay, yeay. :D 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

When laziness invades me :P

hey all.
 i really want to write but i have no idea what to write. my biology paya bakau photos are screaming to be uploaded here. But sorry photos, i'm still lazy to edit you  guys and upload.
home works are still not done but i'm here, online. teruknyeee..

every time i lose hope i'll search Mr. Google for images of quotes. most of the time I gain my strength back and  often download the photos that I think are so connected to my dear heart, :)
Here are some of them. ENJOY :)

I made this as my DP :P

oky, offline 
toodles :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye APRIL, Hello MAY

Hi all!!
Yen is in the house! 
yah, its 1st of April right? public holiday right? so i get to be at home too. ngee  

Anyway, the motif of this post is to flashback about April. Many, so many things happen in April. My life was on a roller-coaster. *Mayny, borrow your quote, hee" Up, down, up, down. I felt like i wanna just scream and say, "hey, i don't wanna keep going, i wanna jump of the roller-coaster!" Believe me, if I can do that, I will. But I CAN'T. I have to face the consequences of my actions and words. I still wonder what would happen right now if I didn't did what I have done. I know. It's just me day-dreaming. I can never turn back the clock. I can't go back to the past. Well, except if I am Nobita and I have Doraemon as my friend! hahaa *fake laugh* Maybe, some may think my acts were immature, silly to be more exact. The point is that it already happened and hey, I have to face it and ahh, live my act, right? Whether I want or not. Anyway, I have lived for a month and hopefully for the months to come. *weak smile*

"Dear April, thanks for being around. I learn a lot of things this month. I learn that for every actions taken, I have to be responsible. Be responsible. I learn how to let go. How to sacrifice although it hurts so much. Learn to keep faith although there is barely a ray of light in sight. I learn how to be careful when dealing with feelings, mine and others. I learn that EVERY human has feelings, humans are not robots and I am a human too. I learn how to state my stand. How to be firm with my stand. I learn how to control my feelings although it's hard and I have cried so much. I learn that there are so many people who loves me and how to love back. I learn how to appreciate them and love them more. So, thanks everyone. Thanks April. ILY."

Welcome May!! :D

Oky, got to go.
Tataaa. :)