Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi people! :)
Take note!

SPM is finally OVERRRRRR.
*i am so over-highlighting things*

I had been disappearing for along time I guess, haha. The last post was ages ago and didn't even get to post on my birthday, hewhew. I'll say those are my sacrifices. Well, a lot of people does that too. No Facebook, no blog, no Twitter, no watching television before finishing the exam. However, I did not rely restricted myself, still watch my 6pm Chinese drama along the exam period. Maybe because the main actor was awesomely good-looking. Maybe the drama was what I imagine i will be, someone in a white doctor's robe. Oh, the point is, the one hour drama swept my stress away. Anyway guys, I'm not sure about what am I blabbering right now. Is it too much for an intro? haha.

Each subject is equally hard and equally ok. I didn't want to stress more on the Science subjects. Why? I am being fair okay and square. hihi. There are papers which just is just creepy, like Sejarah. Still, I hope my answers can find their way to create and 'A+'. It is okay my dream seems impossible. At least, still have hope, right? Dream big ^^

The last days in school went so swiftly. Maybe because everyone was absorbed in their own studies, including myself but deep inside, everyone knew that it'll be the last time we study together with these bunch of people. Looking at my watch during the last paper was hard. I almost counted my every second to freedom. Thank God the Biology experiment planning was okay. At least the final paper was somewhat a success for everyone. We sent our papers, apologized to the exam prefects and whoa, everyone almost went running down the stairs. The look was obvious in everyone's face. Hello, everyone was glowing. I was, still am. We screamed at each other, telling each other that it is finally over. Exam is over, we are free!

Then, party time. Everyone gathered to celebrate. By the way, we had a barbeque. Fantastic. But I didn't manage to eat properly. TOO EXCITED. I considered myself like an excited electron from the light reaction in photosynthesis.(Oops!) We took photographs. Memories. We also played with flour. Haha. That's way some of us still have traces of flour in our faces and uniforms. Uniform. That day was probably my last photo in a  school uniform. Oh, I don't know how to describe the feeling. 
Anyway, the highlight of the day was the class photo. 

Honest. I guess our class wasn't the most favourable of all the classes in SMKB. Many issues came up, many problems hit us. Even near the exam, God still test our mental strength. Being in the first class is not a breezy road after all. We are normal teenagers who make immature, careless mistakes too. On our shoulders, we carry high expectations. We carry big hopes. We carry dreams of making the whole school proud. The goal is to achieve flying colours in SPM results. Sometimes when the tide is high, we seek comfort in each other. We lean on each other. Thank you friends. I heart you. Thank God, we did manage to go through all of this tides. 


We are young.
We are anything but ordinary.
We are 5 ALPHA, batch 2012.
We are a group of  normal teenagers.
We are people with big hopes and dreams.
We are students who study hard for our success.
We are a bunch of people who love taking photos.
We are teenagers who just want to have lots of fun.
We are friends who help each other in times of need.
We are a full time clowns who cracks jokes all the time.
We are people that sometimes accidentaly hurt people.
We are people who do apologises and regret if we do that.
We are students with wonderful dedicated, caring teachers.
We are students who sometimes drive our dear teachers mad.
We are ionic compound, bonded with strong electrostatic force.
We are a group of people who love music, singing and dancing.
We are normal students who don't always complete our homeworks.
We are students who look down on the floor when the teacher gets angry.
We are students who hope to leave footprints at our beloved SMK Bachok.
We are a group of people who can laugh till we roll on the floor together at a simple joke.
We are a group of teenagers with different genotypes and phenotypes and traits but with one big goal.

Although not everyone was in here, at least we had something see whenever we miss each other :) ::5 ALPHA BATCH 2012::
One thing for sure, I love these bunch of weirdos :P

Lastly, i want to thank everyone who had been by my side, supporting me always. 
especially my parents, family, teachers and  friends. Thank you, thank you.

May God bless you all :)

YEN :)