Saturday, July 9, 2011

yo all. haha, since when did i become this rock? :P
sowie2, hello world!! alt0ugh i know nob0dy reads my bl0ggie,

muahaahaa..evil laugh that is n0t evil :P

i guess, i've been always, always busy. duno, migling with my own life n others 2. strugling 2 do things, creepy huh? helo, life has always been like that, right? with ups and downs? dissap0intment is a norm, maybe. just have 2 work it out, yeah! reminds my of HSM2 song

"v gotta work, work,, work it out, things will be right, the sun will shine.."

ngee, i l0ve singing! lalala, *rain!*

uh, singing. it reminds me of another decision. am i going 2 sing this year's PESKO?? honestly n truthfully, i duno. i am not sure if i want 2 do this. will be fun, but, muahaahaa, v0ice not good! hehe, i tried 2 encourage mayny, my sis though..:P if yes, what song? haha, what a question. weesooyen's mind is already well, occupied with other things. ceh, perasaan!

btw, addmat is killing me. huhux. learning STATISTICS now. so many numberssssssssssss... 1 look at it brings dizziness in my head! haha. so many f0rmula, aiyoyoo. yah, it's hard. hard as rock. however, it still doesn't stops my 'love' towards it! yen, yen, yen. addmat is mean 2 challenge our brains right? now i know why addmat has always been labelled as hard subject!

just now talked 2 my grandparents, via ph0ne. miss them so munchies!! wish i am with them this moment. T.T.duno la why today. a bit emotional. huhu. n, durian season already started. yum3. if only in akong's orchard. heheh. bab makan, weesooyen num1!

k, can't be just stuck in front of lappy right? i want 2 be a good girl! yelah sangat...haha, faiz's favourite quote!

"laugh as much as u breathe, love as long as u live"



Saturday, July 2, 2011

sUperb sPorts dAy!!

epi July!!

jz wan 2 share my Sports Day experience, ngee.. had it on last Wednesday, 29 June.

in d m0rning, ws like rushing a bit. woke up a bit late! hehe,. n, i was like, "where's my shoes?" "oh, my number!". yah, hectic morning. went 2 school with determination, of coz, ha8. positive thinking, k? meet frens, n had butterflies in my stomach. hehe, this is so not my area of i hv any, :P

wen 4 prefect's duty at d gate.. den, head 2 d assembly, listend 2 pk KO's speeches. den, head 2 d field, 2 our own sports houses tent. cr0wded i would say! n, proud 2 say that i'm in WAJA! d blue team, kih3. lookd ar0und, notin 2 help.. so went strolling aroud d field.,lalala, wen anis n jihah appeard,

"yen, xse masuk k 1500m, xd0p ore ny"

"xd0p k?? jap3, tny ckg meta"

n, ckg Rohana said no1 is representating so, i enterd 1500m race, last minute!! haha,,jz 4 fun.. n, pity ckg..huhu. so ran, ran, ran. huh, 3 n half r0unds. sweating n was jz thinkin of gettin 2 d finishn line!! did it! n got 3rd!! yayayeah..! my 1st medal, alt0u ony br0nze. >epi<

after hlf an h0ur, it's time 4 d 800m race.. muah3.. ran, ran, ran. but g0t 4th place out of 4 pe0ple. n, guez wat? leg cramp!! damn..huhu. vry painful, aso 1st experience. feel that d PBSM 'kakaks' were masaging n panicking. do i look that bad? maybe, n, embarassing c0z a few seni0rs, b0ys were watchin. wantd 2 say "go away" but can't. ws vry in pain. thank God it decreases aftr sm time.. ws glad wen ckg ann0unced that my nx race, 400m x 4 is p0stponed till evening. which means, i cn get sm rest.

ate lunch, vry hungry! hehe, yah, d Sun kinda abs0rbd my energy? :P wr0ng interpretation, yet still a science student! ha8. btw, enterd girl guide's 'march'. m0re towards walking lenggang kangkung, hee.. ws under d sun 4 1 n a hlf h0urs! hot3!! huh, wat 2 do? hehe. ws d c0manden, huh. so, kinda embarassing, :P, not enuf practice!! h0pe 2 do better in dis c0ming PESKO!!

aftr d opening cerem0ny, an0ther race, 400m x 4. quickly changed cl0thes n g0t ready. aso chaos c0z cant f0und d other runners at 1st, hua3. i n0e, im miss kalut! n, wen getting ready, mayny got leg cramp after her run. she cried n i ws w0rrid! she lookd like me wen i hd leg cramp jz nw! huhu! but, hd 2 go wen it ws my turn! :(.. ws d 3rd runner n WAJA team ws kinda left behind so, took baton 4m nik aishah n ran!! hlf way, "uhno, strange feeling, stamina g0ing d.0.w.n..". walkd, ran, walkd, ran3!! finally reachd! passd d bat0n n dupp!!! i d.r.0.p.e.d.. g0na faint but suddenly, ckg r0ssiah came n br0t me up, "yen, yen, bgun, bgun, xleh jatuh gni, keno jlan dlu.." i wlkd, clinged on ckg, so hard, legs felt weak, numb. uhno. f5 seni0r gv me chair, sit, n still cramp!! huh, f6 seni0r came, gv water. vry painful n embarassing 2, mny pe0ple watchd i tink c0z mny askd m i ok aftr dad..hua3. but, v manage 2 get 3rd!! yay, another br0nze!!!

cl0sing cerem0ny ws fun. t0u didnt win anything or get any price. :D f6 seniors ws funny wit theid silly j0kes, :P. d end results r..





i learnt many things, m0st imp0rtant is..

alt0u im not a good runner, but pushed myself 2 d limit. if evry1 hv dis awareness, then d teachers won't hv tr0uble finding athletes 4 d h0use. sadly, not evry1 hv. as a human being, i believe that v hv 2 owes upgrade ourselves. life will be meaningless if v stay d same troughout d years, rite??

::dads all 4 n0w, c ya!::