Monday, April 13, 2015

Looking Back

Hi there.

I can't believe it's mid-semester break now. The previous post about the start of second semester was like... two months ago. I think I better slap myself to accepting this reality.

I've just finished arranging and separating my Infection and Immunity notes to a few parts; immunology, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, self-learning packages and problem based-learning cases. This module carries 5 credit hours, with 21 lectures. I think this module has the most lectures so far, phew. You know what, I think I'm writing this now is to just scare myself to fully use this week's time. I have end of module examination on the first day after the break. *creepy music*

People say, being in medical school is about pass or fail. Yea, it's true. To pass is not easy. Sometimes you'll come out satisfied with what you had answered, but at the end the results is a no-no. Results are unexpected. Then you'll find yourself feeling down, like really down and wonder are you really capable of this. I am not trying to scare any potential juniors off. Trust me. I've been there, done that. Have a heart of steel, have a mind of positive ions. Please, have people who supports and reminds you of God, hope and faith. Know that you are not alone, really.

Yikes. Enough being the miss-know-everything now Yen. The purpose of this post is to write on the first half of semester 2. I am incapable of writing everything down I've experienced though. Let's try to do this chronologically by referring to my phone camera.

New hostel. Ikea carrot plushie. Healthy lifestyle. Everyday walk. 

New year clothes hunt. Johor asam laksa. Eyeglo. 

New jogging place. Taman Tasik Permaisuri. 

PBL 20. Group leader. 

Chinese New Year. Gummy bears. Family. Cousins. Yellow shirts. Photos. Fireworks. 

Musical drama. English festival. Narrator. 

Kamal bookstore. Book vouchers. New book. 

T-super. Grey. Dodge ball. Epic slip and fall. Sunburn. 

CESMED. Business. Inspiring talks. Team. 

Clinical Science. New. 

Academic Com II. English. Funny lecturer.

College dinner. Oscar night. Choir. 

Human Genetics. Border. Improvement. 

Insurgent. Dream catcher. 

Peace and humanity. Prognosis. Sekolah Bukan Penjara. Telegraf Cinta USD.

PAP UKM KL. Dedication gifts. Orders. Money, Delivery. 

Ching ming. Ancestors. Graveyard visit. Prayers.  

Aseptic techniques. Hand wash. Scrubs. Surgery gowns.

Community visit. Spastic center Petaling Jaya. Ice cream. Heena. Phone calls. Pre-visit. Challenging. Visit. Blue tshirts. Goodies bag. Inspiring. Grateful. April's Fool. Manhattan Fish Market. Shooting. Video. Report. 

Boat noodle. Fruit salad. Green tea. Canvas bag.

Infection and Immunity module. Labs, lots. Fun. Drawings. 

Psychiatry ward visit. Jauhi stigma, luaskan paradigma. Musical chair. Chocolate jar. 

MEDebate. Meetings. Numerous FB chat groups. Perhubungan luar. Networking. Meetings. Rehearsal. Black. Runners. Swing team. New views. Emcee. 

Sun. Rain. Fever. No more teh wangi please. Mood swings. Pimples. Eyebags. Music. Food. Clouds. 

So, that's it. Feeling satisfied. Now let's go to bed.

Thanks for reading, toodles :)

Signing off,