Monday, December 31, 2012


"I think when it is over, it just come back in flashes you know. It's like a kaleidoscope with memories." Official video of I Knew You Were in Trouble by Taylor Swift.

Hi world! How's everyone doing? Anyway, this post won't be anything about my craze about Taylor's new songs or something. Haha. I was watching this totally awesome music video of I Knew You Were Trouble with headphones on and it was totally awesome. Phewww. And, and, the words above there were from the video. I thought it really matches my mood now. New year's mood of course :)

Actually before getting online, I had lots lots of idea. But they seem to drift away as soon as I click the 'New Post' button. Apakah?

Okay. Here it is.
It's hard to leave 2012, I know. But we have to somehow right? So, it's time to zip the baggage and put it in the corner of the room. :)

"Thanks a lot year 2012. You were such a memorable year. Minus the fact that I think the days went so fast like it was using turbo speed or something, haha. Thanks to you I learnt a lot about life, love, family and friendship too. There were times I fell down but there was always people who were by my side and guide me till I can stand up and walk again. I spent most of my time worrying about SPM this year. Hopefully the result will be something I wished for. *winkwink* What that made me glad is I spent quite a lot of time laughing too. Laughter is the best medicine. For me, laughter is the best way to live. I do laugh a lot recently and I felt awesome, honest. Will always remember you. Love you"

Okayy. Going to do the countdown.
oh, before I forgot.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey ho! Hello! 
It's the ending of December and I'm back to square one.
The clock is showing that it is almost one in the morning. However, my eyes show no signs of sleepiness. Maybe I have transformed into a sort-of-bat woman, kah. ROFL. 
 Well, I am currently facing this laptop screen while cracking my head what to write on this post. *scratch head* No idea now. I got ideas but do not know how to start. Aww man.

 Maybe I should just get myself drown in a book err novel. Or maybe curl myself then toss and turn until I fall asleep. I want to open Youtube but afraid of exceeding the internet limit, aiyoyo.

That's all now. So, adios amigo. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi people! :)
Take note!

SPM is finally OVERRRRRR.
*i am so over-highlighting things*

I had been disappearing for along time I guess, haha. The last post was ages ago and didn't even get to post on my birthday, hewhew. I'll say those are my sacrifices. Well, a lot of people does that too. No Facebook, no blog, no Twitter, no watching television before finishing the exam. However, I did not rely restricted myself, still watch my 6pm Chinese drama along the exam period. Maybe because the main actor was awesomely good-looking. Maybe the drama was what I imagine i will be, someone in a white doctor's robe. Oh, the point is, the one hour drama swept my stress away. Anyway guys, I'm not sure about what am I blabbering right now. Is it too much for an intro? haha.

Each subject is equally hard and equally ok. I didn't want to stress more on the Science subjects. Why? I am being fair okay and square. hihi. There are papers which just is just creepy, like Sejarah. Still, I hope my answers can find their way to create and 'A+'. It is okay my dream seems impossible. At least, still have hope, right? Dream big ^^

The last days in school went so swiftly. Maybe because everyone was absorbed in their own studies, including myself but deep inside, everyone knew that it'll be the last time we study together with these bunch of people. Looking at my watch during the last paper was hard. I almost counted my every second to freedom. Thank God the Biology experiment planning was okay. At least the final paper was somewhat a success for everyone. We sent our papers, apologized to the exam prefects and whoa, everyone almost went running down the stairs. The look was obvious in everyone's face. Hello, everyone was glowing. I was, still am. We screamed at each other, telling each other that it is finally over. Exam is over, we are free!

Then, party time. Everyone gathered to celebrate. By the way, we had a barbeque. Fantastic. But I didn't manage to eat properly. TOO EXCITED. I considered myself like an excited electron from the light reaction in photosynthesis.(Oops!) We took photographs. Memories. We also played with flour. Haha. That's way some of us still have traces of flour in our faces and uniforms. Uniform. That day was probably my last photo in a  school uniform. Oh, I don't know how to describe the feeling. 
Anyway, the highlight of the day was the class photo. 

Honest. I guess our class wasn't the most favourable of all the classes in SMKB. Many issues came up, many problems hit us. Even near the exam, God still test our mental strength. Being in the first class is not a breezy road after all. We are normal teenagers who make immature, careless mistakes too. On our shoulders, we carry high expectations. We carry big hopes. We carry dreams of making the whole school proud. The goal is to achieve flying colours in SPM results. Sometimes when the tide is high, we seek comfort in each other. We lean on each other. Thank you friends. I heart you. Thank God, we did manage to go through all of this tides. 


We are young.
We are anything but ordinary.
We are 5 ALPHA, batch 2012.
We are a group of  normal teenagers.
We are people with big hopes and dreams.
We are students who study hard for our success.
We are a bunch of people who love taking photos.
We are teenagers who just want to have lots of fun.
We are friends who help each other in times of need.
We are a full time clowns who cracks jokes all the time.
We are people that sometimes accidentaly hurt people.
We are people who do apologises and regret if we do that.
We are students with wonderful dedicated, caring teachers.
We are students who sometimes drive our dear teachers mad.
We are ionic compound, bonded with strong electrostatic force.
We are a group of people who love music, singing and dancing.
We are normal students who don't always complete our homeworks.
We are students who look down on the floor when the teacher gets angry.
We are students who hope to leave footprints at our beloved SMK Bachok.
We are a group of people who can laugh till we roll on the floor together at a simple joke.
We are a group of teenagers with different genotypes and phenotypes and traits but with one big goal.

Although not everyone was in here, at least we had something see whenever we miss each other :) ::5 ALPHA BATCH 2012::
One thing for sure, I love these bunch of weirdos :P

Lastly, i want to thank everyone who had been by my side, supporting me always. 
especially my parents, family, teachers and  friends. Thank you, thank you.

May God bless you all :)

YEN :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hellow big big world :)))

As promised,,

   When I was surfing the Internet, I came across this little meaningful quote which says, 'Life is a journey, not a destination'. It took me quite sometime to figure out the meaning, to read behind the lines. First, what is life? Yes, I agree withe the quote that it is a journey, a long path which God has set us to go and live it. Each person has his or her own opinion and I will like to share my few perspective towards life.

   Life is and should be filled with much joy and happiness. Charles Chaplin once said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted". So, laugh out loud! In spite of the adversity we face, we should always remember to enjoy life. I believe that starting a new day with a beautiful breakfast is happy enough. The feeling of a full tummy before going to school brings the best positive attitude of myself. In our daily life, we should always smile too. A face with a smile is always attractive and smile is the best make-up any girl can wear. Smiling is believing you are happy to be living. Frown and you frown alone but smile and the whole world smiles with you.

   Next, in life, we will face so many different obstacles in our journey of life. There are times when we will feel down and gloomy to the problems we have to face and solve. Failure is one of the tiny thorns along our way too. Sometimes failing in any subjects like Biology will make me weep like a child. Reality is sometime cruel. However, the most important thing is we need to strive and get up whenever we fall. Do research and find ways to overcome failure. Remember, failure is the condiment of success.

    Some people tend to be copy-cats. They like to copy people they admire, for example the famous sensational singer, Justin Bieber. Guys will style their hair like him while girls will have everything in purple, which happens to be his signature colour. This is such a wrong concept. Life is about creating yourself. Dress according your taste. Act according your attitude. I personally feel that people who copy others are wasting their precious time. We should actually create an image for ourselves. God has created us different. Do not die a copy. Be genuine, be yourself.

   Life is something every human should enjoy. I once came across a beggar, mourning loudly so that the passers-by can hear him and give him a penny or two. I even wonder if that man has a religion. We should never blame fate but accept it. Strive to be better than before, Strive to make our lives better. Enjoy life's little things. Who knows, these little things may be the ones you miss in the future. Make watching sunset, catching fireflies, staring at midnight stars and even catching dewdrops a luxury. Enjoy every second, life like we are dying. Be satisfied with what we have. In society nowadays, people tend to count what they do not have rather than counting what they have. It should actually be vice-verse. If anyone counts what they have, they will be surprised that they have more than enough. This, the society will be such a pleasant one.

   A cruel fact about life is life is short. Some people say that life is only once but if you are really living, once is just enough. Life is a continuous cycle. A minute ago, a few people may leave us and continue their journey to the next world and a minute later, two or three babies may be born. We will never know when will we stop breathing nor we know what is waiting for us ahead. So, live with your heart's content. Leave footprints of your life for the next generation and you will not die in vain.

   As a conclusion, life is indeed a journey. Life is a climb, but the view is great. Live, live, live. Do what you want, be with who you want to be, got to wherever you want. We should life gracefully and to the fullest for God. remember to put aside a few minutes before you sleep to thank Him. Close your eyes and say, "God, thank you for still letting me breathe. Today was such a wonderful day and I look forward for tomorrow". Life is beautiful regardless of what it holds.

I think I'm typing this essay is due to my laziness and wanting-to-escape-from-books mood. HEHE
bye September. Hi October, please be good :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello orang-orang di..
Kota Bharu,
 Kuala Lumpur, 
 Kuala Pilah,
 Batu Pahat, 
Lahat Datu, 
 Johor Bharu,
 Kota Kinabalu. 
Tak kisah lah kat mana, janji di Malaysia :D

Together we preserve our  wonderful peace, shall we? *wink*
May our unity last for many, many years to come.
May we stand hand in hand,
regardless of race, religion or culture.
May we be understanding citizens of our wonderful Malaysia.
Long live Malaysia. 
I love you Malaysia. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hellow great world :)

Rain. Hujan itu rahmat. The rain is a blessing. It had been raining lately. Strong wind as the appetizer. Then, heavy rain as the main course. Ending with little drizzles as the dessert. Dessert? I want the caramel cake. The thought of it just make my mouth water. *Yummy*

Whenever it rains, what will you do? Maybe some housewives will say, "Oh, damn, it's raining. I've just hanged out the clothes". Maybe some kids will just dash out into the rain and play, without being aware of the fact that they will get scolded if they go home wet. Maybe some farmers will be rejoicing the presence of the rain which brings much advantage to their crops. Well, guess different people have different situations. :)

Little do we know what secret that the rain holds. Maybe it is a way God shows us humans how He care for us. Maybe it is a way to remind us humans that He is always up there, watching and guiding us. Maybe He is asking us to appreciate a rainy day. And maybe, we should lay back and stop whatever we are doing at the moment just to think about the secret of the rain. Maybe to think about what the rain has to teach us about life, right peeps? :)

Anyway, a day after my previous post, Kira did came to school. :) She did a great surprise to us all and it was such a happy starting of the day. Some friends and I were guessing people's reactions upon seeing her. Hee. At least she was alright and everyone was glad to see her back to school too. 

Btw, Amni suggested that I post my essay about LIFE in my bloggie. Thank you for the suggestion dear. Hihi. But I haven't got my English papers back yet. Will get it soon I guess, and maybe, maybe I'll post it. It was a weird decision how I decided to write a sort off reflective touch on the open essay topic. Dangerous, I thought I wasn't be able to make it. I spent quite some time pondering about it during the exam which was wrong. Haishh. The essay was a heart-felt essay. Maybe the first I did for real essay. I imagined I was writing on my bloggie haha. However, Teacher Siti commented that I did too much grammar mistakes that I shouldn't have done. It is not a good essay. Just to share. Hihie.

Appreciate what life brings us. Either a sunny day or a rainstorm day. Everyday is a gift from God. Everyday is a beautiful day. Everyday is worth living. I had been doing self-reflection lately, hihie. Oh, forgot to tell. Trial is officially over today, so merdeka! haha. Now, focus to SPM. Yes, FOCUS TO SPM.

Got to go, guys.
Till the next post,
take care and buh bye :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi earthlings. :)
Remember me? Guess I haven't been writing my own post for quite sometime huh? Let's see, the last post was on August 15th. Wow, almost a month. Bravo for me. Bravo for resisting to write, just draft in my head and of course bravo for being so lazy to write. I just did my normal blog walking stuff to my favourite blogs. It was fun, just reading people's life. Hihi. Now I wonder how is my life compared to theirs. Incomparable? Haha

I had just finished my Biology paper just now. Yapp, after strangling the numerous monsters I found among the pages of the papers. Some people were screaming hooray and planning to go to eat to celebrate the end of the 'deadly' trial exam. Well, I didn't cause there's still one more paper to go. ICT paper. Anyway, ICT is Information and Communication Technology. Oh, thank God I still remember what ICT stands for. Less one thing to revise, I guess.  

The end of August and starting of September seemed to be not such a good start after all. Many things happened, with unexplained reasons. I miss having my whole class together, including Kimie, Kira and Syafiq. May God be with them. It was shocking, especially when I was in the commotion when something bad happened. --" Minus the experience, I really don't want to have any experience of it again. Pity them, so much. I really miss the whole class being together, laughing till our stomach hurts, together, together, together. Miss staring down the books or papers so hard when the physics teacher is talking. Miss the hectic morning when everyone didn't manage to complete maths exercise. Miss the awkward silence when one of us are questioned by the teacher. Miss having normal classes, stayback classes, night classes and Saturday classes with everyone together-gether. 

This post is really way of what I planned to write. Actually wanted to write about Trial but guess I'm off track. Sorry people, my fingers just type what's my heart is feeling right now :)

Okayy. Now about Trial. Hey, I wonder if people know what is an examination. I also wonder if people do know about honesty, maybe? I am not mentioning every single human on earth. But only apart of us. With question leakage here and there, I'll be surprised if the results doesn't shoot up like the passive artificial immunity graph. *still in Bio mood, haha* Anyway, it's okay if you just shut up about you having the exam answers. You don't have to show it to everyone on earth. Yet you deny referring or should I say copy it during the examination when you are holding that piece of paper in your hand. Save your words. Save your breath. Sorry bro. Sorry sis. Ibetulbetultakbolehtahandenganorangmacamini. You know what, many people choose to be honest so stop bothering people with what you have or know or whatever lah. Sorry bro. Sorry sis. This is my blog. I have my right :) Bukan ape, just nak remind myself and you too. Meh sama-sama muhasabah diri, jom. Cermin diri tuu sikit. Escpecially the ones sitting for major exams. Particularly me. 

Just now saw this pics on one of my classmate's pencil box. Owner's name is kept secret. Just in case he came running after me with swords to cut my head off for mentioning his name here. Macam lah he reads my blog. haha. Anyway. Love it. Heart it. Luckily can control myself or I would have stolen it. Haha. 

FYI, to look at the Eiffel tower with my own eyes has been my childhood dream. *wide grin* 

Okaayy then. Got to go.
Buh bye. :)

With love,
(not PSY, the man who sang oppa gangnam style, kahkah)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, August 5, 2012


    Hi people!  :)

Can you believe that it's August? Impossible, huh? But that's reality. 92 days to SPM. O.O  'Awesome', huh? Sometimes i feel like i want to run, yes, run, run, never stop running. Sometimes i feel like i want to have a remote control to manage life. Freeze the sweet moments, fast forward the bad times and rewind the past. Haha. Very impossible imagination right? Ignore me, i am senget. = ='

I am having the PRE-TRIAL EXAMS this week. Perhaps this can help explain my 'sengetness'. Haha. And for the past few days, i was like erh, missing that day's Sabah trip. Yes, now i really wish this kind of remote control exist. Sorry, imagination, again. Believe it or not, tadi usha gambar-gambar Sabah hari tuu. Sampai guling-guling sebab some of them are really funny. Candid picas katakan. Tapi some brought back sweet memories which make me feel ahhhh. Make me feel like i want to float high up, up to the sky. Silly me. I am being sentimental me. Harap maklum. 

Yeah, starting with something like this. :)

Just now was BM paper and i forgot about this particular perbahasa. God. Macam nak jerit-jerit kat diri sendiri dalam dewan peperiksaan tadi. Macam nak hantuk-hantuk kepala dengan pen. Macam mana lah boleh tak ingat.! How could I not remmember? And i just left the answer space for that particular question, BLANK. End of that. Epic ending? hahaaa.

Sorry, post ni memang agak kesengetan akibat pemiliknya yang senget akibat kesengetan yang melanda dirinya selepas tonton H.A.C.KS. Power tak ayat BM ni? Cikgu, Yen dapat berapa markah untuk ayat ni? :P 

End of story. Got to go.

Bonus point, i only, only have a few months in secondary school. Thinking about that fact just. Makes me want the remote control more!!!!!

Making the most of the present,
Yen :) 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


whoa, this is so daring of me to put this quote. HAHA
HIIIIII! hi all of you, you, and you :)

sorry. damn sorry that i haven been updating this out-dated bloggie of mine. i was getting out of my mind these days. haha. SPM candidate kan. :P Was really busy with stay back classes, night classes, Saturday classes, homeworks and with PEKA. especially biology's PEKA. I already gather all my strength to finish it and suddenly, on of it just vanished. vanish? the pink detergent? no, no, it's vanished. Yes, vanished. i don't know who did it, what cause it. huh, please, please let me find it before anything bad happens. If not, i'll have to do it all over again. alamak ==' (trying this new emotion, i thought it is kinda cute, hihie)

FYI, i am stealing time to write this short post. haha

anyway, hoping this month to be paced down a bit, even though it s nearly impossible. i hoped everything can slow down a bit, so that i get to catch up more and more. hehe. anyway, hope it is not too late.

err, got to go! ending this post with..

"tonight, we are young,
so let's set the world on fire,
we can burn brighter,
than the sun.. "

gLee! :D

Last but not least, hope 5 Alphanians will got through the rest of the year in much happiness and joy, just like in the photo. May this be a dream come through. May we be showered with the blessing of class unity and yes, I already see that we are getting closer and closer to this :')


With much love,
Yen :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey, it's already 30th of June :')

Friday, June 1, 2012

So long MAY

Hi everyone!!

I know, it's so awesomely late huh? Haha. But i masih semangat gila nak hapdate blog ni. Well, i was willing to wait for papa to finishing using internet just to do blogging! *clap3* haha. I thought tonight was kinda special because it's the late night in the month of May and tomorrow is a new beginning already. :) In the evening just now, i spent most of my time, thinking of what to write tonight and yup, i seem to get the hang of it. Basically, the reason why i wrote this entry is to remember the good and bad times i experience in May. So, sorry people, this is me sharing my piece of life with you all. :)

I started enduring May by going for a camp , Educate Camp. It was organised by KPT and Askar Wataniah. Actually when my name was called for the list, honestly i was really reluctant to go. Why? Because it was so damn near the examinations and please, i can't risk this exam. I am taking SPM this year, okay? After the chaos and bla3, i just accepted fate? haha. Mainly because almost all girls prefects in form 5 are going and everyone said, "Ni last kem kito, okay? Jom gi! " At that moment, i was inspired. Yes, this is an escapism from the school stress, which was what i want. So, okayy! I WENT. It was held in UiTM Machang. Believe me, it was fabulous! :D I was selected to be in the outdoor, challenging group and was trained under the military. I was fun, too fun! We had Explorace, etc, and the most exciting part was The Night Walk. Err, it was a kinda scary actually. T.T Luckily everything was fine. I achieve my target in that camp, to release stress, find new friends and get new experience. Was really glad i chose to go there. Although the next day, i faced my dear BM paper. 

Then, came the next challenge that i had to go through as a form 5, senior prefect too. We were given the duty and trust to handle the Teacher's Day celebration. With the chaos of going to the camp and the exam, i think that we handled it quite okay. It was superb for me, yah. Because i was BTS, Behing The Scene. :) We spent a few days preparing for it, planing for script, and doing rehearsals. Take note that i also broke my own record this time. hahaa. For the first time of my life, I managed to 'act' in front of a crowd of emmm, almost 800 k? It was a 'gimik' and i can almost laugh till my stomach burst after i went down the stage. Shakira, Achik did a good job :) The same goes with our PA mananger :) Thanks to the MC of the day. Thanks to Teacher Wan Azizah for giving us the chance to do gila-gila sikit. haha. AND EVERYONE. Thanks for the cooperation for the celebration. Thanks so much for making my last Teachers' Day celebration at school something worth to remember. I LOVE MY SCHOOL and all, ALL MY TEACHERS :')

After the celebration, the examination continued. :) Some were okay. some were fine, some were dreadful, some made me smile, some made my cry. kua3. Oh yah, almost forget. Between the papers, me and my classmates attended another program, organised by KIST, Karnival Kerjaya. It was very, really informative. I find out many new jobs and courses that i never knew they existed. It was really an eye-opener. Thank God i went :)

That's the happy moments in May. Sad ones? Sorry, they remain private people. Hehe. :P

In a nutshell, the month was really chaotic. At the beginning of the month, i thought i was impossible to go through it. However, i managed too, everyone managed too. I am really glad. See, this has again proven something. The road of life may seem hard with all sort of challenges in our way. But if we just think positive and just endure it, we can. If others can, why we can't? If you can, why i can't? If i can, why you can't dear? :) It is the same principle all the way. No one can give up on you unless yourself. Please don't underestimate your own ability and strive for what you want. After all, what are dreams if we do not strive for it?

I also learned that we can't make people think the way we want them to think. Sometimes others just don't understand our principles and well, just bear with it. Just believe in ourselves, right? 

Btw, just now i saw something. Something that wow, hurts. :) I thought there will be tears streaming down in less than 1 second but suprisingly, there was not. Yes, I didn't. It hurts but i didn't. Can i said that i had grown stronger? Hope so. I believe.

Wow, i spent half an hour pouring my idea into this post and it has already past midnight. Actually this entry was targeted to be published before midnight but oh well. My bad. And i am really lazy to check back. forgive me if there's any error.

Anyway, i will be away for this week. This time it is really 'happy holidays' for me. Hehe. I will try to find peace in me. When i get back here, i will be an improved better person, hopefully. 

Okay people. Got to get going :)
See you all when i am activated back.
Now i'm going for a recharge, cewahh. gonna miss me? :P
Bye, take care all. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Syafiqah Hashim's 3rd Giveaway :)

Hi everyone! :)

I'm joining this particular giveaway. If I get lucky then can get the gifts. I'll give the shawl to one of my friends if I win, hehe. Angan-angan kosong once in a while is okay right? :P Well, thanks Syasya for tagging me :) I knew her when I went blogwalking this few days. Kantoi online lama-lama, haha. Anyway, do visit her cute blog. Klik below to go to her blog :)

 I am tagging these three girls yaa!! Click at the banner above to join :)

Okay, gtg.
p/s: hope can write an entry tonight :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

entah ape-ape

Drop everything now,
Meet me in the pouring rain,
Kiss me on the sidewalk,
Take away the pain,
Cause I see sparks fly,
Whenever you smile 

Heartfelt feelings :)

"Kau katakan padaku
Betapa lelahnya dirimu menghadapi aku
Kau katakan padaku
Ingin kau mengakhiri semua ini
Tak bisakah engkau cuba
Melihat diriku dan semua cintaku
 Tak bisakah kau cuba hargai hatiku dan perasaanku untukmu"

Hi all!!
Sorry, i am crazy with this song right now. Really damn touching tau. Especially kat depan lagu tuu. Sila rujuk kepada lirik kat atas tuu. :') The title is 'SEMUA ISI HATIMU". Sung by 3 Suara:: Jacklyn Victor, Ning Baizura and Sheila Amzah. They are so awesome, okayy. I love the three trios since they sung Beribu Sesalan. :)  

Anyway, the song is just for my introduction for this entry this time. HEHE. I'm dead boringgg. Uh, not real dead okay. I'm still in front of the laptop and..breathing? Jap, jap, check nadi jap. Oh, i'm fine. No worries. Uh, Yen, ada orang worry pasal you ke? Tak payah perasaan! haha. Back to the point, yap. Boring. Mainly because i'm alone upstairs now. I only have vitagen as my companion. Oops, kantoi minum vitagen. Sorry guys, can't share. It's the last bottle and heyy, it's yummy okayy. haha.

My sister, May is not around laa. She get to go back Perak a week earlier. huh. Not fair right? T.T But I get to use the lappy as much as I can. HEHE. No one to fight and quarrel with. In Kelantanese, i'll say, "tak dok ore nok ajok gojoh". haha. If she is here right now, i wouldn't be in such a peace. She'll be talking about this, about that. haha. Yap, she's so talkative. She can talk so much that sometimes i have to listen to her stories until late and night and until Mummy gives warning to go sleep. haha. We'll ended up having dark circles at our eyes and sleepy the next morning, kua3. See, it is to that extend. So, beware. 

It'll lucky that our house is not that big and we share almost everything together, including bedrooms. Which is a lucky thing, because we can share stories during bedtime. We'll both whisper in darkness and laugh like nobody's business, haha. If any of us take with a tone higher, the other will give a stern look and both will be silent, for a wile. To make sure that our parents do not hear us. Then? Continue gossiping of course! :)

The most awkward moment both of us can have is when our parents' friends ask which is the eldest and which is the youngest. Haha. It is too damn obvious that May is much taller, -,-. Although we have a three years of difference. I already accept that fact. Most people can guess that i'm older cause my face is more mature. Cewahh. haha. But the height issue will forever be raised. After that, we'll both laugh together. It's just too obvious that i am so, so, so short. Okayy, don't mind. Hehe. At least if i can't reach anything that is on the topmost shelf or rack, she can be my saviour. :P 

Uh, i suddenly miss that moment :') Hey, we both stick like glue, tape, or whatever, just name it. So it is okay if i miss her right? oops, kantoi lagi! :)

To end this entry, let these pictures speak.  

this was taken during the filming, kite flying  :)

2012 CNY :)

last year's photo at ama's bday party :)

thanks mr. google :)
thanks mr. google :)

Btw, my sister is a pretty girl. Like her sister of course. Haha. Sorry, i memang suka angkat bakul sendiri. Tinggi-tinggi pulak tuu. Oh, she is going to kill me when she reads this sentence. but, i still wanna write, 
"Anyone guys interested with May? :P "

Oky, gtg.
Think of starting holidays homework.
Chaiyok SPM 2012 :)

Bye people. Spread love. Don't forget.
Look after you own heart darling.
Most love, 
Yen :)