Saturday, July 21, 2012


whoa, this is so daring of me to put this quote. HAHA
HIIIIII! hi all of you, you, and you :)

sorry. damn sorry that i haven been updating this out-dated bloggie of mine. i was getting out of my mind these days. haha. SPM candidate kan. :P Was really busy with stay back classes, night classes, Saturday classes, homeworks and with PEKA. especially biology's PEKA. I already gather all my strength to finish it and suddenly, on of it just vanished. vanish? the pink detergent? no, no, it's vanished. Yes, vanished. i don't know who did it, what cause it. huh, please, please let me find it before anything bad happens. If not, i'll have to do it all over again. alamak ==' (trying this new emotion, i thought it is kinda cute, hihie)

FYI, i am stealing time to write this short post. haha

anyway, hoping this month to be paced down a bit, even though it s nearly impossible. i hoped everything can slow down a bit, so that i get to catch up more and more. hehe. anyway, hope it is not too late.

err, got to go! ending this post with..

"tonight, we are young,
so let's set the world on fire,
we can burn brighter,
than the sun.. "

gLee! :D

Last but not least, hope 5 Alphanians will got through the rest of the year in much happiness and joy, just like in the photo. May this be a dream come through. May we be showered with the blessing of class unity and yes, I already see that we are getting closer and closer to this :')


With much love,
Yen :)