Saturday, February 23, 2013


Wawww. *mouth wide open* I wish I can get those pretty wrapped presents too.

Holla amigos! Looks like someone just came back from Spain? haha. Naah. I just came back. But not from Spain. But from her grandaparents' house. Well, not just. I arrived at Kelantan two days ago. This is the longest time I spent at the kampung during Chinese New Year. Back then, when I was still schooling, I had to sadly wave goodbye to my relatives there around the third or forth day. It was not fair at all. I often thought that way. Maybe that time I was still immature. Not to say that I am fully mature now! *laughs* 

Try think from another side of view. Without the rain, we wouldn't appreciate the sun. So, my hypothesis is: Without the the 'unfairness' of the situation, I wouldn't appreciate this year's oppurtunity to be able to stayback a little longer, right? I treat this as a special opportunity of course. Thanks to everyone's support. hehee. *berry berry wide grin*

I was in my grandparents house a day before Chinese New Year. Came home the day before yesterday. So, how many days I was there? I'll just let you guys do the math ok? Hehe. CNY this year was FUN! Maybe is was because I'm the most not rushing person in the family now. Haha. Seriously. I felt so relaxed and I just laid back to enjoy the moment like lying down for a spa. Oh, ayat yang sangat sangat sengal. 

For me, the best thing about celebration, no matter what celebration is the people! Yes, the big family. Not to mention the noise. And the chaos everytime the house recieve a visit from other relatives. Serve drinks laa. Serve food la. Tidbits laa. But the most excited moment is when receiving the red packets aka angpow aka extra pocket money. Kacinggg. Hey, I love angpows but ain't a gold digger baby. *laughs* 

With the load of people(haha) that we had to fed during the few days, my grandma's kitchen is always smoking. From steamed chicken to curry crabs to curry mee and most importantly 'my' favourite laksa. It was funny how suddenly Ah Ma (grandma) can have so many assistants by her side when she is cooking. Just imagine, if she calls out "Garlic!", in more or less one second, the garlic will be in her hand without her moving, haha. Fantastic, huh? Haha. This is what I call the spirit man. Don't forget the spirit of 'curi makan' the dishes! Very frequently, I'm involved too, shhh. Kihkih. The meal time is the most chaotic of all I think. Because there are so many people and so many dishes and well you just don't know what to eat.! Although it can be a little (actually very) crammed but yah, it's Chinese New Year remember? :) But the worst thing was teh task of washing the plates after every meal. And this task is often, well, always handed to us, the little red ants in the kitchen. Haha. Right, little red ants. Hey, are you guys imagining it? Please do. Aww, it does sound and look kind of cute right? haha.

Nevertheless, the moment that I um, dislike is. Well, hate is a too strong word. During this particular celebration, people will be making serious chat with me. What do I want to study later? What do I want to become? Where do i want to study? Have I applied anywhere? Have I got any offer from any universities? And do I have faith in scoring 'magnificiently'? Huh, I am not a programmed robot to score high wonderful results okay. I know, I know that people are concerned. I wish to score too but uh, I don't know what to say.  But sometimes less questions and less inquiries are better appreciated. I personally feel that way lah. It is okay, seriously okay if you just want to ask about this. But huh, it made me uncomfortable. Imagine like you have ten cupcakes to sell. It seems an easy job right? But if your boss keep on calling every minute and asking wether have you sell all the damn cupcakes, think twice, how would you feel? 

Oh and good news. For me. Haha. I got myself all Glee DVDs! Season one to season four! Borrowed from my aunty. Thanks Je Ee! Muahhhx.Yayy, I got something to spend time on. And I love it when the cast sang The Scientist by Coldplay. Thanks to Glee. I never thought that Coldplay songs are nice. Sorry Coldplay fans! Humm, maybe I should explore more types of music genre. I can hear the song playing in my head. Kihkih.

"Nobody said it was easy
Oh it's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it was so hard
I'm going back to the start"
-The Scientist by Coldplay-

I actually had quite a suprise this CNY. Mainly because 3 people brought me cute little things, all about Eiffel tower! Haha. When I arrived at my grandparents house, my grandma gave me a paper bag containing clothes she bought for my sister and I for CNY. When I opened it, wowww, two leggings and two checked shirts and a two blouses(one pink one blue) with a huge Eiffel tower at the front! Wowww! Ah ma said my aunty said I would really love this. And yapp! I love it! Yayy. And my Je Ee got me an Eiffel tower necklace,  with colourful stones and matching earings. Ah Ee (my another aunty) got me DIY accesories based on Eiffel tower too. Everything was Eiffel tower-ish. Hihie. It seems now that the tower had sort of been my signature.  Remind me more of my dream. How awesomeee.

P/S: Vain photography on CNY is yet to be posted. Don't wait! haha

Okay lah. Think I had blabber enough for this sort of comback post. Haha. I had been busy with CNY celebration lately and had missed so so many giveaways. sobs. 
Till next time. byeee! XD


i love this cover. melting like an ice-cream:)