Saturday, May 28, 2011

epi agen :)

hello! hello!

so epi! coz got sm achievements 2day..hehe. :D las nite sleep at 2a.m., ha8. yalah, FB, bloggin, n, d0in hmw0rk.. addmat!! haha, duno y, jz h d spirit 2 do ysterday. well, tot of finishn my h0meworks asap so dad can enj0y d oliday. :P

addmat ckg gv us ar0und 80+ questions 2 answr bahh.. 80+!! oh my, all b0ut log, log, l0g.. uhhuuhh! bt l0ve d feelin of satisfacti0n wen cn answr d quest0ins. n, hate d feelin wen cant do, hehe. in a nutshell, addmat is suddenly so fun! no sure y, bt mayb c0z of dis exm. i rely hv no c0nfidence 2 even pass u n0e. n, alm0s cried wen answrin d exm dad day n bad m0od bcoz of it, d wh0le day. xcaye? ask w.s.may! d nx day, ckg said, "dio kato xleh jwb, tp blh tinggi 2.." i ws stund, not n0ein 2 believe or not. my frens said dad i got 80%. i t0t dad ws jz 2 assure me no 2 worry b0ut addmat. mayb, ders frustration on my face..huhu

day b4 ysterday, thursday, me n amni wen 2 c ckg n want 2 c our papers. oh my, i rely got.......64/80 or 80%!!! thx God..!! i l0oo0oooovveeee d paper!! almos jump in d stafroom, ha8. rely, rely grateful 2 God. i rely nevea tot of passin dis time. let alone gettin an 'a'. yeay! marks increase 4m 69%-->80%.. epi . epi. epi.

same g0es wit matmod aso. sir imran wen in 2 gv our papers. n, of c0z aso our h0meworks. huhu, correction 4 both papers +concept map! hua3!! i got 93%! same wit amni!! hehe, both of us cant believe our eyes! told u matm0d, im g0na kn0ck u dwn..muahahaa.. marks increase 4m 69%-->93%. ngee..:) epi. epi. epi.

k, now, gona go tuition 1st ya! strivn 4 excellence!!

3.00-4.30:: mr.pyhsics

4.30-6.00:: mr.biol0gy

byee...:) c ya! *wink*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

:D epi . epi. epi . :D

hi u guys! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

wonder y m i smilin?? hehe. It's d end of 3 stressful weeks! wooh0o!! epi bangat!! PKBS 2 is officially ova nw, ha8. n, it's d startin of d mid-year oliday. agen, oliday, OLIDAY!!! yeayyyyyy... i n0e, Wee Soo Yen is outta her mind . my p0or brain hs been ova w0rkin, kua3.. pity dear brain .

u c, i wan 2 hv a beneficial oliday this time; n0t ony 2 rest bt aso 2 update things dad i've left out. onestly, i've recently got a lot of c0mplains 4m my penano, o0ps, i mean, piano teacher. i jz cnt get my scales n pieces rite! oh man! i dun0 y!! n, d bad thing is, i'm g0in 2 take grade5 practical xm after d olidays. huhuhuuu.. May is much beta den me. i'm not sure wat's g0in on wit me, but am tryin 2 fix it. :(

Thank God still hv time during d olidays 2 practice! i l0ve playin d piano bt still, no time c0z in study mm0o0oodd...hu3 . agen, d fault is on my own TIME MANAGEMENT. do i need 2 sketch my timetble 4 olidays??

nevertheless, so epi!! n, exctd!! i'm on cL0ud 9. ha8...he8..hi8.. exam is over, oliday is here! btw, olidays aso means full internet acess..yeah3!

peace no war! stay tuned..

n, epi olidays..:D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

debate c0mpetiton!!


2mrw is my 1st eva debate c0mpetition..

w0nderin hw will it be!

1st speaker: j0e

2nd speaker: me

3rd speaker: bro irfan

reserved: syazwan n aisyah

THE MOTION IS: This house believes that academic performance determines a student's character bulding

im sooooooo,,



not really sure of wat 2 do..

P.0.I is my greatest enemy:(

I'm n0 sure weter i do tink 2 much or n0t..huhu

if v win 2mrw, vl represent d distrct on Tues??

wish me luck! :)

k, off 2 do script!



from left(back): teacher Tan, me, fatin, nurul, intan, amalin, T.Wan Basri

from left(front): j0e, saiful, fawwaz, faris, shaha

-kelantan kontigen-

hi all!

yen is back in d h0use!!
xperience in Sabah is OMG!!
so nice!!

flipping fantastic, i sh0uld say..


i g0t 8 new great frens,, sp0rting m0leps!!

well, wat i g0t 4m dis camp??


1.bruises n cuts



actually,, i g0t.. great frens

2.w0nderful experience

love dem all!! :D