Thursday, September 9, 2010

:::cElamat aRi rAya:::


Here, I, Wee Soo Yen...[cehh,, so f0rmal k??] xpE2..y0o y0o! wAtsup br0!![like so rUde plAk..]
well3..nVermind!! D thing is.. i wAaanaaa wIsh all my Muslim teachers & frens~~~

*n'j0y uRselves..^_^
*nk 'sEkut' raye can??
*nk dUit raye can??
wArning=dUn plAy2 wit d mErcun!! it's dAnger0o0us!!
k2,, g00ta go!! tAataa....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

so cUte..

++dis is 4 my family , frens..tQ 4 makin my life so meaningfull..
l0ve u all!! mUahx..

bAlik kAmpung!!

yEah2..!! g0na go bAck 2 Perak 4...uM,, 3 days?? [friday, saturday, sunday] so sh0rt hUh?? wat 2 do? mUmmy got 2 w0rk on m0nday, n May got 2 go 2 sc0l on tUesday!! hUhuu..:(

lUcky me..
i'll start sch0oling on nEx, nex SUNDAY!!
yAy 4 meeeee.....

p/s=cAn't wait 2 go back 2 c ah ma n ah k0ng!! ^-^

Monday, September 6, 2010

nEw lay0ut!

hYe!! hYe!! hYe!!
nice x?? inspired 2 do a make over 2 my bl0g aftr seeing every1's else!
dun wana b oUtdated,, hehe
hw is it?
[..wateva u wana say..]
p/s=i l0ve d strIpes on t0p of d lAyout? hw's my butterfly? cUte?
!!stAy tUned!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


s0ri my bl0ved readers..

i hae been kinda buSy.. u n0e, with d PMR c0min n d grade 5 music
test? isk3..scAry!jz wana let all of u n0e dad i might not updAte
dis bl0g of mine so freQuently until PMR, k?? dEal!! :D