Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, August 5, 2012


    Hi people!  :)

Can you believe that it's August? Impossible, huh? But that's reality. 92 days to SPM. O.O  'Awesome', huh? Sometimes i feel like i want to run, yes, run, run, never stop running. Sometimes i feel like i want to have a remote control to manage life. Freeze the sweet moments, fast forward the bad times and rewind the past. Haha. Very impossible imagination right? Ignore me, i am senget. = ='

I am having the PRE-TRIAL EXAMS this week. Perhaps this can help explain my 'sengetness'. Haha. And for the past few days, i was like erh, missing that day's Sabah trip. Yes, now i really wish this kind of remote control exist. Sorry, imagination, again. Believe it or not, tadi usha gambar-gambar Sabah hari tuu. Sampai guling-guling sebab some of them are really funny. Candid picas katakan. Tapi some brought back sweet memories which make me feel ahhhh. Make me feel like i want to float high up, up to the sky. Silly me. I am being sentimental me. Harap maklum. 

Yeah, starting with something like this. :)

Just now was BM paper and i forgot about this particular perbahasa. God. Macam nak jerit-jerit kat diri sendiri dalam dewan peperiksaan tadi. Macam nak hantuk-hantuk kepala dengan pen. Macam mana lah boleh tak ingat.! How could I not remmember? And i just left the answer space for that particular question, BLANK. End of that. Epic ending? hahaaa.

Sorry, post ni memang agak kesengetan akibat pemiliknya yang senget akibat kesengetan yang melanda dirinya selepas tonton H.A.C.KS. Power tak ayat BM ni? Cikgu, Yen dapat berapa markah untuk ayat ni? :P 

End of story. Got to go.

Bonus point, i only, only have a few months in secondary school. Thinking about that fact just. Makes me want the remote control more!!!!!

Making the most of the present,
Yen :)