Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello people!! Whatssup?!
 Budak-budak awesome batch '95, result ape cite? :) Kalau gempak, congratsss! Kalau kurang gempak pun, congratss too! Pendek kata, congratss la semua! You all are the best! *tabik spring*
This post if obviously, um too obvious about SPM results. Sorry if the SPM result topic is lame for you or you don't even want to hear about the word SPM anymore. But I just can't help it. This is my current life now kan. Ehem ehem. Let the story begin. :P

I opened my eyes at six in the morning after listening to Big Bang screaming beside my ears. So lazy but I make myself wake up. I was thinking, why do I have to wake up so early today? The memory came straight away. Aumm. Fine. It's the red letter day. I had to follow my sister to school because I won't have transport if I want to be at school later on. So, better be early huh? After all, can hang out with Baz. Girls' talk.*winkwink* Hihih.

Then, everyone was looking by the time I got to school. Okay. I started to be uncomfortable. Still, like Cikgu Romlah said, maintain ayu tak kira what condition you are in. Haha. Fine. Waited not quite patiently for Baz adn finally she arrived. Then, walk, walk, and we ran into some teachers. Ohno. Don't get me wrong. It's not that we don't want to see our teachers but I am kind of freaked out to think about their hopes on us every time I see their faces. Then, found a nice place to sit. We talked, laughed and people started to arrive. Then, teman Lina to send her textbooks, books etc. Then, we gathered in front of the library. It was past ten o'clock already. Which means that we can check our results using SMS, if we want. I didn't dare too, have a weak heart, hihih. 
Not long after that, saw PKP's car came into the our viem and enter the parking. Everyone was kind of screaming a little I think. Haha. The result is here already. Humm. Great. Then, my mom came and I was like whoa, freaking out. And we err, let's skip that part lah. It's private and confidential. :P

After that, we are asked to enter the hall. I bet everyone's heart was beating fast! What to do. Some people still haven't know their results. After speeches and speeches adn stories about kasut adidas and fipper *wekk*, the time is here. The teacher started to announce the result. People were clapping, sobbing, shouting, smiling, cheering, crying and 'speechlessing'. I think for me I'd rather not watch the moment. Some moments were heartbreaking. People started questioning why why why. I also don't know how how how. Tapi I sedih sebab kadang-kadang I takut yang I bukan seorang kawan yang baik. I am very sorry okay.*lap air mata*

People often say your result is something that you deserve. I have been hearing that a lot since yesterday and until this moment when I'm typing this post. Sow your seed and reap your wheat. How much wheat you get depends on how much you sow your seed. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is not. I think it depends on you yourself to think wether it is true for you or not. Mungkin you hate it when people ask you why why why you tak dapat result yang cun and meletop. I myself don't tolerate this kind of attitude. Let them think lah what they want to think. SPM is not that easy path to deal okay. Deep down inside, we just stay calm and know that we have done our best.

Yesterday when watching the news, my heart was sort of torn a bit. 15793 students obtains straight A's. 481 received all A+'s. Scary. Where am I? I didn't and can't continue watching the SPM news after that. I realised that I was stupid. Yah, stupid is the word, to think that my result is bad. Humans are never really contended, do we? If you get a few A's, then you want more A's. If you have more A's, then you want straight A's. If you have straight A's, then you want straight A+'s. If you have straight A+'s, you want to be among the top twenty nation scorers. If you are in top twenty, you want to be the number one scorer of Malaysia. OMG. What attitude are we having. Don't compare yourself with someone better, compare yourself with someone less unfortunate. You will feel better.


Let's say that you think you suck in SPM. You cicir one A ke, you tak dapat A ke. You malu dengan result you sampai orang lain tanya berapa you dapat pun you tak nak cakap pun tak ape. It's fine. People always think that I might not understand but I do, seriously. I have been there too. Life is like a rollercoaster right? Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are at the bottom.You see, no matter what is your result is, your life has to go on. You still have to eat, sleep. watch tv. tweet. open FB and of course layan Korean dramas. Hakhaks, just to lighten the mood! :P You and I, which equals to we, need to move on. We are still young peeps. Ingat tak budak-budak 5 Alfa 2012? What did we write with colourful chalks on the blackboard in front?


 Life is still a long way. Don't give up peeps. But if you have any problems moving on, consult somebody or even me. Text ke call ke. I don't mind. I will try to fix you, because YOU ARE MY KAWAN.

Oh, kepada my cikgu-cikgu semua, terima kasih banyak banyak untuk segalanya. Yapp, untuk segala-galanya. And kepada my parents and family. thanks so much for being my backbone all this time. Love you lots. And kepada kawan semua, thanks too, for everything. Okay, tak tahu nak cakap ape dah. Nanti banjir pulak kat blog nih.

Okay, congrats to all again!
K byeeee :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi people! :)
 Sorry for not updating. Like anyone cares about this blog, kihkih. Oh, I don't know how did I manage to laugh at that. And my followers are still stuck at number 49. Apakah? I can only blame myself for being lazy. Lalalalaa. Ok, change topic.

Just now I was listening to the news as usual. Kind of paying more attention to the news especially since the Sulu Invasion thingy and yah, the result thingy. I was expecting this already but turned out that I am not prepared tp know when is the real SPM result date after all. Suddenly, at the bottom of the television screen is 'Keputusan SPM akan diumumkan pada Khamis depan'(Or something like that). I was like huh, whattt? Has to take a few seconds to 'digest' what I just saw.

A few seconds later, I screamed.! --" "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! SPM resulttt!" Dashed into the room and grabbed the phone. No text messages. Ok, fine. Put down the phone and tried to act normal. I don't think I want to be texting people about when the result is. People might faint when they read my message. I may create an unnecessary havoc. Haha. Oh, did I just laughed? Yipeee. XD

A hour later, I checked my phone again and 2 messages and 2 missed calls. Whoa, ok. People texted me about the result thingy. Replied with mixed feelings. I felt like I was dreaming. Oh man. This is only 6 days from the real result date. What will I feel on the real date then? I could not imagine. I will probably stay up on the eve and have ugly eye bags to accompany me to school the next day. Hahaa.

As some of you know. I had been helping around with my father's shop lately. The customer will sometimes ask. "Ni tauke punya anak ko? Tak sekolah ko? Tunggu SPM ko?" Yah, frequent questions and I;ll just answer and give my Colgate smile, Haha, But just now in the morning, there had been a change of the pattern in the question you see. "Result SPM nok keluar doh kea? Minggu depan kea? Agaknyo boleh ke dok?" Soalan power betul. Lebih daripada Kopi Tongkat Ali yang super power tu. I just nodded, smiled and didn't answer the last question. Humm, no idea how to answer. Some questions are better left unanswered, right? Right? *awkward silence*

In my opinion, I think everyone have the right to be worried about this. I mean some people have been saying that they are worried either in FB or Twitter and their friend will just reply or comment that the latter don't have to worry cause they are smart. This is annoying. --" At least I feel annoyed for that person, hahah. Smart people can't worry is it? (Not to say that I am smart or whatever genius ok?) Please don't judge people like that. *begging* And if you said that you are not worried. That is ridiculous. The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. Haha, I am planning to do that now. After all, silence is golden! Muehehee. Find some inner peace (cehh, kononnya) before this Thursday.

"Saya ok, saya dah besar."

Haha. Calci Yum punya advertistment. i like the message and I like the phrase. Ok, sorry if there's any typo. I'm trying to type this really quick. Got to go sleep now. Tomorrow have driving lessons. FYI, I'm going for JPJ test in two weeks time maybe. Yeayy. Couldn't make it before the result. What a pity. Or I'll just drive to school on that day, haha. *look up and imagine*

Anyway, look at the trool comic below. Haha. Found it on FB and I laughed. LOL. Hahaha. I had experienced this quite a few times ok? :P

Ok, adios amigos!
byeeeee :)