Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hellow big big world :)))

As promised,,

   When I was surfing the Internet, I came across this little meaningful quote which says, 'Life is a journey, not a destination'. It took me quite sometime to figure out the meaning, to read behind the lines. First, what is life? Yes, I agree withe the quote that it is a journey, a long path which God has set us to go and live it. Each person has his or her own opinion and I will like to share my few perspective towards life.

   Life is and should be filled with much joy and happiness. Charles Chaplin once said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted". So, laugh out loud! In spite of the adversity we face, we should always remember to enjoy life. I believe that starting a new day with a beautiful breakfast is happy enough. The feeling of a full tummy before going to school brings the best positive attitude of myself. In our daily life, we should always smile too. A face with a smile is always attractive and smile is the best make-up any girl can wear. Smiling is believing you are happy to be living. Frown and you frown alone but smile and the whole world smiles with you.

   Next, in life, we will face so many different obstacles in our journey of life. There are times when we will feel down and gloomy to the problems we have to face and solve. Failure is one of the tiny thorns along our way too. Sometimes failing in any subjects like Biology will make me weep like a child. Reality is sometime cruel. However, the most important thing is we need to strive and get up whenever we fall. Do research and find ways to overcome failure. Remember, failure is the condiment of success.

    Some people tend to be copy-cats. They like to copy people they admire, for example the famous sensational singer, Justin Bieber. Guys will style their hair like him while girls will have everything in purple, which happens to be his signature colour. This is such a wrong concept. Life is about creating yourself. Dress according your taste. Act according your attitude. I personally feel that people who copy others are wasting their precious time. We should actually create an image for ourselves. God has created us different. Do not die a copy. Be genuine, be yourself.

   Life is something every human should enjoy. I once came across a beggar, mourning loudly so that the passers-by can hear him and give him a penny or two. I even wonder if that man has a religion. We should never blame fate but accept it. Strive to be better than before, Strive to make our lives better. Enjoy life's little things. Who knows, these little things may be the ones you miss in the future. Make watching sunset, catching fireflies, staring at midnight stars and even catching dewdrops a luxury. Enjoy every second, life like we are dying. Be satisfied with what we have. In society nowadays, people tend to count what they do not have rather than counting what they have. It should actually be vice-verse. If anyone counts what they have, they will be surprised that they have more than enough. This, the society will be such a pleasant one.

   A cruel fact about life is life is short. Some people say that life is only once but if you are really living, once is just enough. Life is a continuous cycle. A minute ago, a few people may leave us and continue their journey to the next world and a minute later, two or three babies may be born. We will never know when will we stop breathing nor we know what is waiting for us ahead. So, live with your heart's content. Leave footprints of your life for the next generation and you will not die in vain.

   As a conclusion, life is indeed a journey. Life is a climb, but the view is great. Live, live, live. Do what you want, be with who you want to be, got to wherever you want. We should life gracefully and to the fullest for God. remember to put aside a few minutes before you sleep to thank Him. Close your eyes and say, "God, thank you for still letting me breathe. Today was such a wonderful day and I look forward for tomorrow". Life is beautiful regardless of what it holds.

I think I'm typing this essay is due to my laziness and wanting-to-escape-from-books mood. HEHE
bye September. Hi October, please be good :)