Friday, November 18, 2011

hey, it's holiday!

happy holidays guys!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

memories never fade, they will stay in my heart :D

just for fun! :P


wait, a question for u all, is the photo nice? ngeee. that's me and my younger sister, May! yah, younger sister who is much taller than me. with 3 years of difference!! hoho. i have faced the fact for a some time that i'm a short girl. haha. btw, to promote her bloggie.. click HERE to see hers!! fyi, she is still single and available? i guess. haha :P sori sis! just fooling around. *wink*

actually want to share something this time. for the past few days, have been tidying things up around the house. well, found so many things which brings back memories to me. i found out that we have so much caps around! caps? yah. caps. hehe. there is this particular cap, a pink one with 'Disney on Ice' written on it.


i was still small and 'young'. maybe around year three, 2004. it was late evening. my aunt, my uncle, me and may was walking into Stadium Bukit Jalil. was so excited to see so many cute things on sale. we are there to watch Disney on Ice, Beauty and The Beast. my uncle bought this cap, for each of us, as a souvenir. the show was so awsome. the props, characters were alive! i sort of think that the characters emerged from the story book. plus, i love this tale as a small kid. it was a wonderful night and i slept in the car on the way home. what a sweet memory :)

i also found our old children swimsuits.! yesterday was laughing when i saw them. they are all so small and cuteee? hehee. have to give them out already because we all can't fit into them now. even the stretchable swimsuits will be torn if we were to wear it now! haha


swimming is our weekly routine after attending piano class. the four of us, papa, mummy, May and me. we will drive to PCB resort, while listening to the radio + singing. haha. then, arrive there, changed and swim. that's where i learnt how to swim, coached by my dad. after swimming, we'll either go straight home or shopping and on the way, we stopped at a yummy nasi kukus stall for dinner. :) however, now, the stall already changed its location and we can't find it until today. T.T  

k, that's all for now!
tataa :)))

Good Luck :)

hi there! morningg!!

how are u all doing? hope everyone is fine. well, major examinations are coming soon! SPM is tomorrow! oh well, mine is next year. so, now still chillaxxxx. heee. so, here, i would like to wish all SPM and STPM students GOOD LUCK! all the best! :))))

k, daaa~~ 

p/s: bloggie so ugly now! wuhuhu..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


hey guys :)

yep, renovation?? no, not house renovation. just my bloggie's renovation! look around. isn't it different? heee. i find simple backgrounds is so nice! so, decided to change. i want to do my own header too. but, maybe have to take some time. i'm so not an expert! with the help from mr.photoscape and mr.gimp. :)


p/s: tonight don't really have idea to write. hang on yaa? :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

heyy! i've been tagged! :)

hi guys! hang on. before you proceed reading this post, smile 1st! 
like this------> ^________^
hahaa. smile and the world smiles with you sweetie!!

i, weesooyen was tagged by sis Liyana Izzati n Sis Ame Nurlyana! 

loveEach person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
loveAnswer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
loveYou have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
loveGo to their page and tell them that you have tagged him/her.
loveNo tagging back.
loveNo “ YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS.” You legitimately have to tag 11 people
You have to post this rules!!

11 things about myself :)

^^my full name is Wee Soo Yen but prefered to be called just Yen or Yenny
^^i'm specky. heee
^^i sometimes talk a lot, of course depend on situation. 
^^i am Taylor Swift's hardcore fan! her lyrics is just awsome!
^^a simple girl who dress just simply although i sometimes take forever to get dressed. haha
^^cannot live without phone and internet
^^i want to have my own lappy and new phone. someone buy for me? -symphatic look-
^^i like to think positively when facing problems. although sometimes it's hard to do that.
^^love shopping!! haha
^^i love the people in my life so, very, very much! 
^^i love rainbows and colourful things

WARNING READERS, this post is a rojak language post. HEEE.

!!sis Liyana Izzati punya soalan!!

:60: Siapakah perempuan yang paling gojes, meletup dan cantik yang korang rasa selain aku:s: kidding:q:
yen: me, of course! haha. gurau je. of course my mom! well, setiap perempuan ada kecantikan sendiri. :)

:60: Korang sangat anti dengan manusia yang macam mana:s: 

yen: paling anti dengan manusia yang tiada usaha sendiri, selalu mengeluh and merendahkan diri. padahal semua orang boleh berjaya kalau berusaha.

:60: Ciri-ciri lelaki yang macam mana yang korang minat:s:

yen: erm, hard question. well, i don't mind as long dia bukan samseng jahat like the ones in tv! haha. i want my guy to be himself. jatuh cinta kerana keperibadian seseorang itu, bukan memaksa dia membentuk dirinya untuk kita. the most important things is that he loves me. and i love him. :) chewah, ayat power gitoo!

:60: Are you in love with someone right now:s: i mean, tak kisah la dia tak tahu pon. hehe 
yen: interesting question sis! clap3. i have to admit, aha. i am. kih3. tak tau la dia tau tak..:P

:60: When you laugh, which one is y
ours :s: ketawa sekuat hati, ketawa tanpa segan silu, ketawa tapi cover your mouth or ketawa sambil tangan sepak something:s: 

yen: i've done every type of laughs mentioned here. haha. normally, i will ketawa sekuat hati dan tanpa segan silu. but apabila dah sedar yang sudah keterlaluan, i'll close my mouth. hehe

:60: Bidang apa yang korang suka give reasons :s: 
yen: bidang psikologi!! it's very interesting. i mean, to play with the mind and i would love to help people yang ada psikologi problem. so that the whole world can be happy :) 

:60: Apa sebenarnya yang korang nak dalam hidup ni:s: 

yen: many things actually. tak terhitung. but 1 thing for sure, i nak sangat sangat kejayaan. nak bagi my parents, family and friends happy. nak repay their unconditional love and affection towards me.

:60: How do you measure success :s: give your view about it. 

yen: everyone have their own measurement and definition i guess. i think it's the limit of perfection. however, it is really hard to succed! we can and must try and i believe God will help us through it. :) but if we fail to retrieve it, never lose hope. have faith dear.

:60: What do you think of my blog:s: hehe :) 

yen: love it! especially the header and cute little flowers as the background. plus, tuan blog ni cun, takkan blog tak cun!

:60: Will you marry me:s::face45: 

yen: haha, sis, sori. please try with someone else! i'm waiting for a guy to propose me! not less, but more. :P

 wow, so many questions!! nexttt!! orang popular kan..haha. [muka tak malu and perasaan lebih]

    !! sis Ame Nurlyana punya soalan!!

·  siapa orang yang paling korang rasa hebat...?? saya?? hihi
yen: superman! haha. tak lah. my parents? and elderly people. saya rasa mereka sangat hebat kerana dah banyak experience liku-liku dalam kehidupan but still survive. terbaekkk..

·  korang minat tak laki kacak or perempuan cantik? give reason ok.
yen: minat. nice untuk dipandang, KOTTT.! tapi laki kacak and perempuan cantik tak semestinya baik. don't judge a book by it's cover kan?

·  apa pendapat korang bila ada la sorang manusia ni yang sangat over?
yen: mesti akan rasa annoying dengan orang tuuu and will keep in my mind to stay away from that person and remember not to be someone like that. hoho

·  kalau korang minat seseorang tu, apa yang korang akan buat?
yen: express kat dia depan-depan! face to face.. hahaa. yah3. takkan berani bikin gituu. LOL. minat dalam senyap laa. takkan nak cakap kot. maluuu. ngee. just wait for him to notice mee! :)

·  apa yang korang akan buat untuk balas jasa parents korang?
yen: i will study hard, succeed, if God wills and make them proud. of course, will take care of them when i'm big and working. give them a wonderful, comfortable live just like they had given me.

·  which drama korang minat, malay,korean,chinese or english..?
yen: entah laa! well, i prefer movies because done have to wait for the next series. hehe. but maybe english dramas? i love action, investigation dramas like CSI, Fringe, Hawaii 5-0, The Mentalist and of course musicale dramas like gLee or Kitchen Musicale! :D

·  korang nak jadi apa nanti dah besar?
yen: for the mean time, a psychologist!! :) i want to help people with mental problems like stress, etc. so that semua boleh hidup dalam suasana aman, damai and bahagia~ world peace and happiness!

·  what's your opinion about keikhlasan?
yen: keikhlasan? urm, for me, keikhlasan memang sangat penting. without it, anything u do is meaningless. and, my math sir always remind us to do things sincerely. thanks sir! i will keep that in mind. barulah dapat outcome yang baeekkk.. :)

·  suka tak blog saya?
yen: sukaaa!! cantekkk. blue world. hehe. sis, i love your header! :D

·  nak jadi kawan saya tak?
yen: tak nak!! haha. >evil smile< sis, gurau jee! don't take heart.  :)

yay!! complete answering soalan yang berlambak-lambak. hehe. feels just like answering exam. :P

oh! last mission! actually banyak kawan yang saya nak tag. tapi kebanyakkan dah 'ditag'. so now, i am tagging those who haven't been tagged..haha. confuzin tak?

now. the questions. no, MY DEADLY QUESTIONS. HAHA

1. what are your principles in life?
2. apa yang paling kamu idamkan right here, right now?
3. what are the characteristics of boys that you are interested? 
4. what will you do when you are stressed up? eat, sleep r etc..
5. what will you do when 2 of your best friends are not in a good relationship?
6. what is you definition of 'beauty' or 'kecantikan'?
7. what do you think of my blog?! ngeee. wajib jawabbb. 
8. do you love me? haha. i know, dahsyat punya soalan. :P

Mayny, Amni and Aina, have fun answering! peacenowar! :)

oky, hutang sudah dilangsaikan! oo yeah! :))))

p/s:: to sis Liyana Izzati and sis Amenurlyana, sori lambat answer. exam mood. mohon ampun! *wink* hehe

i'm back!

hi people! 

sorryy! i've been out for some time. exam and many things. ngeee. but exam is over today! so happy. haha. in cloud 9. 

haha. :P

k, fullstop. HAHA
:) tataa (: