Monday, May 10, 2010

i lUrve my fWens..

At Your Side
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k0msAs n0tes~

It Doesn't Matter Anymore
New MySpace 2.0 Layouts

2dAy,, hUh!! i hven c0mplete k0msAs n0tes.. D ant0logi pArt! N, kena c0o0ouubeeet!! sdiihh,, nn,, sAkit!! i WEE SOO YEN, sw0re i'll c0mplEte my k0msas n0tes A.S.A.P....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love You
New MySpace 2.0 Layouts

d bEst thiNgs in lIfe R 4 fReeee..

lEt's t0k b0ut d bEst tHings in lIfe r 4 fRee..!!

1. in my mInd, i hAve mY fAmily! my pApa, mUmmy, sIs, grAnpa, grAnma, aUntiEs, uNcleS and c0usIns.. dEy r a2Ly dEr 4 u! wEl, dEY r hEre wEn im b0rn![xcpt 4 me siS!] heee..

2. my dErest fRens wh0 had, and ARE gvIn me a bEautIfUl fRenship!
indEd, dEy hAd..:)

+tHnx 2 all oF yA, w0ndErfUll pEople in mIa life+

*wEll, my mInd rEly fElt eMpty n can barely fIng aNy idEa 2 wRite hEre,,
s0,, chAu 1st k? tAta..!!