Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi everyone :)

Well, at last I manage to write something tonight, hehe. I actually had to promise myself to finish doing a few of my assignments and homework before I can write this post. Life, right? Or not I will addicted to blogging until I forgot the reality of the world around me. Hurm, reality? How do you know the world we are living now is a reality or not? Gosh, this is the message of AP201's movie that day. But interesting question isn't it? Cikgu Iqbal, my last semester Physics sir did mentioned about this once and left all of us (or was it just me?) wondering about it but the thought vanished itself into the thin air after that.

November has been such a month. It seemed long, considering that I had my mid-semester break in it and start my second semester in November too.

November is the month of joy and bitterness. A happy goodbye to semester 1 final exam. A sad ending to the solid existence of AP101, my first semester class. There were just too much memories that I can't even list it down here. Every moment is a memory. I remember how we plead for the plan to combine 3 classes to 2 classes for semester 2 to be canceled. For me, it wasn't about class bias, it was the act of trying to defend something we love. Yah, love. Although it seemed impossible for such strong bond to be created in only 5 months, I think we managed to prove the world wrong. I still remember what Ze Song once said, "Maybe now we can only see the negative side of this thing, maybe in the future, we can see the bright side of it." After that, I tried to console myself with what he said and enjoyed the last few days of semester 1. At the same time, everyone hoped for a miracle and we did this hash tag a few days before the registration. #hopeformiracle

However, the plan did not change and we had to let go. The name list was released on the first day of the new semester and left everyone of us shocked. I had to admit I was quite naive by thinking that we will get a surprise on that day, which is the news of canceling the new class arrangement. But that seems to remain as an imagination. 8 of us, including myself is in AP102 while the other 5 is in AP202. I felt like I was drowning when I saw the name list and my friends faces, especially Adibah's and Syazwi's. I felt so useless. There was nothing we, or I could do. Everyone need to accept the reality and move on. Move on. I promise to always, always keep the spirit of QuiteOnSet (QOS) alive.

I edited these during the one week holiday :)

Enough about this, or I'll ended up teary.

November was also the month that I get to see my family after so long. T.T I had to travel from KL to Kelantan, Kelantan to Perak and then Perak to Kelantan again and lastly, Kelantan to KL. Although it was a little tiring but it was worth it. I get to spend time with my grandparents, parents, sister and it was so awesome to be at home. The atmosphere, the smell of  my bed, the home-cooked food and of course, the love. Now I know the real feeling of 'going home'. If only I could stay home longer..

Thanks Pa and Mummy for belated birthday treat :')

November was also the month I get the opportunity to visit my dear school, SMK Bachok. After leaving for UKM last May, I never had the chance to visit and that one day at school that day was such a fun one. Thanks to Bazilah, Wani and Aishah for accompanying me. I understand that the others couldn't come along, you girls must be busy right. Well, putting that aside, it was so nice to catch up with my teachers, friends and juniors. Everyone was so welcoming and I was completely engaged in conversations after conversations with the teachers. It was like stopping from one station to another, haha.

Baz and Wani :)

November was also the month of fun! We, EXIMIUS 1314 (our batch's name) had our movie premiere on the first week of our new semester. We invited Permata juniors and also lecturers. This event was sort of a continuation form the last semester so everyone worked according to last semester's classes. *grin* Plus, we did a sort of charity baking, lead by Hazril. We had to shop for the ingredients, and on that particular premiere day, we baked from morning until noon. It was the first time in my whole life, doing such an intensive baking. Felt like we were working in a bakery, hehehe. But it was fun, like seriously fun? Then, after decorating and packing the carrot cupcakes and chocolate oat cookies, we changed into our clean attire for the function that evening. Everyone in our batch was supposed to either were blue or maroon so I matched a short blue dress with my skinny, hee. OH OH, THE RESPOND WAS AWESOME. There were quite a lot of audiences and the other two classes did some sales and gave out bookmarks to everyone. Our movie was the first one to go and as bias as this will sound (anyway, nobody cares *gaya Cikgu Arho*), I LOVE 'YOU AND EYES' SO MUCH. Haha. The second one was 'Reality' and the third one was 'Bleeding Rose'. Every move has its own strong point but at last we still need to have one winner right? And it went to *drum roll* 'Reality'! So, QOS didn't win. But nobody cares. We already gave it our best shot and the making of it was the real prize. Remember what Travis Brody said to Miley in Hannah Montana The Movie? 'Life's a climb but the view is great'. The way I see it, the making of the movie is the actual essence behind this whole this assignment. It was hard and time-consuming but it was one of the things that made everyone of us grew closer to each other. Oh and a very big thank you to all our Permata juniors who acted with us, thanks for our extras, especially our 007 agent, Izzat :)

our carrot cupcake *drool*

QuietOnSet Production Crew

November was also the month of revelation. I got my semester 1 result on the 20th. We had to checked it online and man, it was so nerve-wreaking. My heart was beating like dup dap dup dap. Okay, wasn't that the normal way a heart suppose to sound? Hahaha. (Soo Yen buat lawak ke? *Zaid's style*) I can't checked it alone so i went to join a few others in the TV room. I was teary, and that was before I checked my results okay, I was just so tensed! I got news about others results and that made me even tenser haiyaa. Then, finally they managed to persuade me to check too and that time was maybe about 1.30 am in the morning. My results was.. okay? Not gempak but still okay! I'm not going to tell it here, hehe. :P Thank God. I guess that's the best for me. I will learn from it and hopefully, I'll change this semester :)The best thing is (if I'm not mistaken), everyone in our batch got 3.50 above! And we got 3 people with 4.0. Hopefully administrators and lecturers are also happy! *peace sign* Congratulations dear EXIMIUS 1314! Let's work harder this semester and keep it up, up, up! :D

Whoa. What a long post! This is what happen when I conceal things for too long, cewahh. I want to upload more photos but so lazy and the speed of internet in my room is just so-so T.T

My new class, AP102 is nice. Actually everyone already know each other because there is only 41 of us in a batch. It's just that the feeling is different. But no worries! I will get to know everyone closer and we will be bonded by the spirit of friendship and EXIMIUS 1314. I'm getting along 'okay'ly' with everyone already I think but can improve right? Yes Yen, hwaiting!

One more thing, I really want to do better this semester. No matter how big are the challenges that are coming to tear you down, get loaded and fight back. Believe in yourself and fight! Haiyak! *side kick*

Omg, I gotta get going. Planing to go for a jog tomorrow but wonder can I wake up or not, aiyoo. Good night guys! Eh, good morning! Bye! Have a nice Sunday! :)

P/S: BYE NOVEMBER *flying kises* and HI DECEMBER *wave*

Credits to Grandpa Google *wink*
Credits to Grandpa Google, i'm hungry :(