Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey, it's already 30th of June :')

Friday, June 1, 2012

So long MAY

Hi everyone!!

I know, it's so awesomely late huh? Haha. But i masih semangat gila nak hapdate blog ni. Well, i was willing to wait for papa to finishing using internet just to do blogging! *clap3* haha. I thought tonight was kinda special because it's the late night in the month of May and tomorrow is a new beginning already. :) In the evening just now, i spent most of my time, thinking of what to write tonight and yup, i seem to get the hang of it. Basically, the reason why i wrote this entry is to remember the good and bad times i experience in May. So, sorry people, this is me sharing my piece of life with you all. :)

I started enduring May by going for a camp , Educate Camp. It was organised by KPT and Askar Wataniah. Actually when my name was called for the list, honestly i was really reluctant to go. Why? Because it was so damn near the examinations and please, i can't risk this exam. I am taking SPM this year, okay? After the chaos and bla3, i just accepted fate? haha. Mainly because almost all girls prefects in form 5 are going and everyone said, "Ni last kem kito, okay? Jom gi! " At that moment, i was inspired. Yes, this is an escapism from the school stress, which was what i want. So, okayy! I WENT. It was held in UiTM Machang. Believe me, it was fabulous! :D I was selected to be in the outdoor, challenging group and was trained under the military. I was fun, too fun! We had Explorace, etc, and the most exciting part was The Night Walk. Err, it was a kinda scary actually. T.T Luckily everything was fine. I achieve my target in that camp, to release stress, find new friends and get new experience. Was really glad i chose to go there. Although the next day, i faced my dear BM paper. 

Then, came the next challenge that i had to go through as a form 5, senior prefect too. We were given the duty and trust to handle the Teacher's Day celebration. With the chaos of going to the camp and the exam, i think that we handled it quite okay. It was superb for me, yah. Because i was BTS, Behing The Scene. :) We spent a few days preparing for it, planing for script, and doing rehearsals. Take note that i also broke my own record this time. hahaa. For the first time of my life, I managed to 'act' in front of a crowd of emmm, almost 800 k? It was a 'gimik' and i can almost laugh till my stomach burst after i went down the stage. Shakira, Achik did a good job :) The same goes with our PA mananger :) Thanks to the MC of the day. Thanks to Teacher Wan Azizah for giving us the chance to do gila-gila sikit. haha. AND EVERYONE. Thanks for the cooperation for the celebration. Thanks so much for making my last Teachers' Day celebration at school something worth to remember. I LOVE MY SCHOOL and all, ALL MY TEACHERS :')

After the celebration, the examination continued. :) Some were okay. some were fine, some were dreadful, some made me smile, some made my cry. kua3. Oh yah, almost forget. Between the papers, me and my classmates attended another program, organised by KIST, Karnival Kerjaya. It was very, really informative. I find out many new jobs and courses that i never knew they existed. It was really an eye-opener. Thank God i went :)

That's the happy moments in May. Sad ones? Sorry, they remain private people. Hehe. :P

In a nutshell, the month was really chaotic. At the beginning of the month, i thought i was impossible to go through it. However, i managed too, everyone managed too. I am really glad. See, this has again proven something. The road of life may seem hard with all sort of challenges in our way. But if we just think positive and just endure it, we can. If others can, why we can't? If you can, why i can't? If i can, why you can't dear? :) It is the same principle all the way. No one can give up on you unless yourself. Please don't underestimate your own ability and strive for what you want. After all, what are dreams if we do not strive for it?

I also learned that we can't make people think the way we want them to think. Sometimes others just don't understand our principles and well, just bear with it. Just believe in ourselves, right? 

Btw, just now i saw something. Something that wow, hurts. :) I thought there will be tears streaming down in less than 1 second but suprisingly, there was not. Yes, I didn't. It hurts but i didn't. Can i said that i had grown stronger? Hope so. I believe.

Wow, i spent half an hour pouring my idea into this post and it has already past midnight. Actually this entry was targeted to be published before midnight but oh well. My bad. And i am really lazy to check back. forgive me if there's any error.

Anyway, i will be away for this week. This time it is really 'happy holidays' for me. Hehe. I will try to find peace in me. When i get back here, i will be an improved better person, hopefully. 

Okay people. Got to get going :)
See you all when i am activated back.
Now i'm going for a recharge, cewahh. gonna miss me? :P
Bye, take care all.