Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi everyone :)

Well, at last I manage to write something tonight, hehe. I actually had to promise myself to finish doing a few of my assignments and homework before I can write this post. Life, right? Or not I will addicted to blogging until I forgot the reality of the world around me. Hurm, reality? How do you know the world we are living now is a reality or not? Gosh, this is the message of AP201's movie that day. But interesting question isn't it? Cikgu Iqbal, my last semester Physics sir did mentioned about this once and left all of us (or was it just me?) wondering about it but the thought vanished itself into the thin air after that.

November has been such a month. It seemed long, considering that I had my mid-semester break in it and start my second semester in November too.

November is the month of joy and bitterness. A happy goodbye to semester 1 final exam. A sad ending to the solid existence of AP101, my first semester class. There were just too much memories that I can't even list it down here. Every moment is a memory. I remember how we plead for the plan to combine 3 classes to 2 classes for semester 2 to be canceled. For me, it wasn't about class bias, it was the act of trying to defend something we love. Yah, love. Although it seemed impossible for such strong bond to be created in only 5 months, I think we managed to prove the world wrong. I still remember what Ze Song once said, "Maybe now we can only see the negative side of this thing, maybe in the future, we can see the bright side of it." After that, I tried to console myself with what he said and enjoyed the last few days of semester 1. At the same time, everyone hoped for a miracle and we did this hash tag a few days before the registration. #hopeformiracle

However, the plan did not change and we had to let go. The name list was released on the first day of the new semester and left everyone of us shocked. I had to admit I was quite naive by thinking that we will get a surprise on that day, which is the news of canceling the new class arrangement. But that seems to remain as an imagination. 8 of us, including myself is in AP102 while the other 5 is in AP202. I felt like I was drowning when I saw the name list and my friends faces, especially Adibah's and Syazwi's. I felt so useless. There was nothing we, or I could do. Everyone need to accept the reality and move on. Move on. I promise to always, always keep the spirit of QuiteOnSet (QOS) alive.

I edited these during the one week holiday :)

Enough about this, or I'll ended up teary.

November was also the month that I get to see my family after so long. T.T I had to travel from KL to Kelantan, Kelantan to Perak and then Perak to Kelantan again and lastly, Kelantan to KL. Although it was a little tiring but it was worth it. I get to spend time with my grandparents, parents, sister and it was so awesome to be at home. The atmosphere, the smell of  my bed, the home-cooked food and of course, the love. Now I know the real feeling of 'going home'. If only I could stay home longer..

Thanks Pa and Mummy for belated birthday treat :')

November was also the month I get the opportunity to visit my dear school, SMK Bachok. After leaving for UKM last May, I never had the chance to visit and that one day at school that day was such a fun one. Thanks to Bazilah, Wani and Aishah for accompanying me. I understand that the others couldn't come along, you girls must be busy right. Well, putting that aside, it was so nice to catch up with my teachers, friends and juniors. Everyone was so welcoming and I was completely engaged in conversations after conversations with the teachers. It was like stopping from one station to another, haha.

Baz and Wani :)

November was also the month of fun! We, EXIMIUS 1314 (our batch's name) had our movie premiere on the first week of our new semester. We invited Permata juniors and also lecturers. This event was sort of a continuation form the last semester so everyone worked according to last semester's classes. *grin* Plus, we did a sort of charity baking, lead by Hazril. We had to shop for the ingredients, and on that particular premiere day, we baked from morning until noon. It was the first time in my whole life, doing such an intensive baking. Felt like we were working in a bakery, hehehe. But it was fun, like seriously fun? Then, after decorating and packing the carrot cupcakes and chocolate oat cookies, we changed into our clean attire for the function that evening. Everyone in our batch was supposed to either were blue or maroon so I matched a short blue dress with my skinny, hee. OH OH, THE RESPOND WAS AWESOME. There were quite a lot of audiences and the other two classes did some sales and gave out bookmarks to everyone. Our movie was the first one to go and as bias as this will sound (anyway, nobody cares *gaya Cikgu Arho*), I LOVE 'YOU AND EYES' SO MUCH. Haha. The second one was 'Reality' and the third one was 'Bleeding Rose'. Every move has its own strong point but at last we still need to have one winner right? And it went to *drum roll* 'Reality'! So, QOS didn't win. But nobody cares. We already gave it our best shot and the making of it was the real prize. Remember what Travis Brody said to Miley in Hannah Montana The Movie? 'Life's a climb but the view is great'. The way I see it, the making of the movie is the actual essence behind this whole this assignment. It was hard and time-consuming but it was one of the things that made everyone of us grew closer to each other. Oh and a very big thank you to all our Permata juniors who acted with us, thanks for our extras, especially our 007 agent, Izzat :)

our carrot cupcake *drool*

QuietOnSet Production Crew

November was also the month of revelation. I got my semester 1 result on the 20th. We had to checked it online and man, it was so nerve-wreaking. My heart was beating like dup dap dup dap. Okay, wasn't that the normal way a heart suppose to sound? Hahaha. (Soo Yen buat lawak ke? *Zaid's style*) I can't checked it alone so i went to join a few others in the TV room. I was teary, and that was before I checked my results okay, I was just so tensed! I got news about others results and that made me even tenser haiyaa. Then, finally they managed to persuade me to check too and that time was maybe about 1.30 am in the morning. My results was.. okay? Not gempak but still okay! I'm not going to tell it here, hehe. :P Thank God. I guess that's the best for me. I will learn from it and hopefully, I'll change this semester :)The best thing is (if I'm not mistaken), everyone in our batch got 3.50 above! And we got 3 people with 4.0. Hopefully administrators and lecturers are also happy! *peace sign* Congratulations dear EXIMIUS 1314! Let's work harder this semester and keep it up, up, up! :D

Whoa. What a long post! This is what happen when I conceal things for too long, cewahh. I want to upload more photos but so lazy and the speed of internet in my room is just so-so T.T

My new class, AP102 is nice. Actually everyone already know each other because there is only 41 of us in a batch. It's just that the feeling is different. But no worries! I will get to know everyone closer and we will be bonded by the spirit of friendship and EXIMIUS 1314. I'm getting along 'okay'ly' with everyone already I think but can improve right? Yes Yen, hwaiting!

One more thing, I really want to do better this semester. No matter how big are the challenges that are coming to tear you down, get loaded and fight back. Believe in yourself and fight! Haiyak! *side kick*

Omg, I gotta get going. Planing to go for a jog tomorrow but wonder can I wake up or not, aiyoo. Good night guys! Eh, good morning! Bye! Have a nice Sunday! :)

P/S: BYE NOVEMBER *flying kises* and HI DECEMBER *wave*

Credits to Grandpa Google *wink*
Credits to Grandpa Google, i'm hungry :(

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hi there! Hi everybody :)

I know this is weird, me jumping out of a sudden, dusting of this dusty blog, after such a long time. Let me check, the last post was on 28th May, a day before I registered for ASASIpintar UKM. Well, that was whoa, one long duration right? I mean around 5 months ago? And still, I am still alive, perfectly breathing, thank God. 

It's almost 3 in the morning, the air is perfectly still but my eyes won't shut, I just don't know why so I decided to finish this business of mine, which is updating this blog after requests from my fans hahaha. To make it less formal, I regard it as recalling how my life had been, for these few months after the turning point where I call myself a foundation student. These few months were not perfect, I did not found myself in a bliss nor in a state of unhappiness. One thing for sure, I did not regret any moment of it because each moment had been so precious. People often say that experience is the best teacher and I guess I need to salute the first person who quoted that. I found out that these hard few months taught me lessons after lessons that made me grew. I guess I turned 18 with a good brain. Not to say that I am already matured or a grown-up now, (well, you won't really know when you are matured) but I guess I did changed. Okay, let's call it 'change'.

For the first time in my life, I need to stay at a hostel. For the first time too, I need to manage my life, my food, my clothes and lots of things while maintaining focus in my study. It seems impossible five months ago. But now, I'm already enjoying my semester break, relaxing before having an awesome second semester start next week. Of course, i did stumbled a few times before I manage to end this semester. Many times actually, many. I am not perfect and I wasn't the top top top student who can perfectly meet the deadly deadlines, who can manage the pressure of scoring well in everything. I worked hard for it but sometimes things just won't work out. There were days where you need to control your tears from falling down, ignore that bump in your throat and lie to yourself that everything is going to be okay although you secretly knew that things won't be. There were days that were filled with sunshine and you could just lay down the bed and catch the sun rays that enter through the window and just breathe. Honestly, I am grateful for both; the rainy days taught me memorable lessons while the sunny days gave me sweet memories.

Here's an example. I still remember there was this crazy day where I accidentally slept at 8 at night and woke up at 5 the next morning. The next day was the last day before my study week and just imagine the assignments that I need to pass up on that day. Actually I did not slept the night before, due to certain abnormalities hehe but certainly I can't forgive myself when I woke up that time. Missed calls, messages was the only thing that filled my phone screen and I didn't even heard any beep or ringing! I guess I seriously had a good night sleep and now I need to face a bad day. The first thing that came into my mind was I am going to die. I will be a dead meat. Half of the work was not done and I need to submit most of them before 12 noon as it was Friday and I have a proposal presentation which was too important to risk. I spent a few minutes wiping off my tears and assembled myself before I accept the reality that hey, I need to be strong for today and I need to try as hard, as hard as possible to finish things up since it was my own fault that I slept a.k.a. faint. 

So, I did things one by one and the day was such a day. I was rushing here, rushing there, laptop on, laptop off and in most of the lessons on that day, my mind wasn't there, only my body was. My mind was busy calculating time, finding strategies on how to find time between the lectures and decide which should be my priority. At the end of the day, I manage to finish all but one of them was not submitted on time and the lecturer was understanding and she gave me more time and I submitted it in the evening. By the way, the presentation was okay, my lecturer pointed out things to be improved but at least, I wasn't smashed or crushed at the end of my presentation. Honestly, that day was one of the bad days I had and it could rank first I think. I could barely breathe, most of the time I chocked through my tears but my friends helped me through that day, a lot. Thanks so much guys. The feeling of that day was so not pleasant and negative thoughts were occupying my mind, it was really hard to think and no no no, I don't want to have that feeling again. Give me another big teddy bear but I just can't bear the dreadful feeling of waiting everything to be okay. Please no, hopefully never again.

This incident had certainly taught me lots of things. The lesson, 'not to procrastinate' was deeply embedded and the day was a solid prove of the disaster that procrastinating can lead too. I learnt to be more responsible. I overslept and yes, I need to face the consequences. 'Sendiri buat, sendiri tanggunglah'. Responsibility can be scary sometimes but it all depends on yourself. Face it like a person and you will be rewarded. Be rewarded in the sense that things will be okay at the end. For my case, I manage to finish everything almost 'okay-ly'.

So yeap. This is my mini comeback. This post is to boost my desire to write again! I did said that I want to share my life in ASASIpintar here right? But didn't manage to do that yet hehe. I am not sure whether this post gets side-tracked or whatever but I haven't blabber randomly for so long already. Forgive me if this makes you yawn or what hahhaa. Well, getting a little sleepy now. I should sleep. 

Till then, thanks for reading.
 Although I am not sure whether is anyone reading this or not. Sigh, I am such an irresponsible blogger.
Okay, byeeee :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello people! Yen is in the house! How is everyone doing?

Sorry I didn't keep this blog updated. Yeah, I was busy but most of the time I was lazy. Like most of my regular readers know (eh, ada readers ke tak actually ni?), I was a underundergraduate that just laze around the house. However,this state is sort of coming to its end because I will be entering a Foundation in Science in UKM, named Asasi Pintar soon. And the soon is actually tomorrow already hehee. I am now in KL. My papa suggested we get here earlier a day so that it won't be that rushing you see. Being early is more awesome than being late right? 

I actually never thought I would be offered to enter this because I had never thought of applying this in my UPU. Actually before the result, I had completely put my hopes in applying and in the end getting a Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship in medic. However my hopes were sort of crushed when I found out that JPA won't be giving scholarships for post-SPM students in medic anymore. They only offered engineering courses to German, France, Japan and Korea. I did applied and got shortlisted for the interview and went but that is totally not what I want to talk about in this post. 

Back to the point. I decided to find another alternative to do pursue my dreams in medic. Thank God both of my parents understood my passion and they helped me through it. Thanks papa and mummy. :') There are only 3 asasi that I was eligible to apply which is Asasi Pintar UKM, Asasi Perubatan UPNM and Asasi Sains Pertanian UPM. So, I put those three in my list of choice in the UPU. My first choice was Asasi Pintar UKM. So, when the interview result can be checked around umm, end of April, I managed to get shortlisted for Ujian Saringan UKM 2. I was thrilled because at last I have something solid to fight for and not just dreaming. Yes, dreams are important but it is still vital for us to fight to make that dream a reality. Do remember that people :)

The ujian saringan was held in SMK Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala Terengganu. So I had to go down all the way to Terengganu with my mummy to sit for it. It was a hassle actually but well, you can't expect everything to just be laid down right in front of your eyes. The duration of the test in 2 hours and half. If I am not mistaken, there was around 15 modules of different types of IQ questions. Yep, the questions vary from IQ stuffs to Mathematics, logical questions, ethical questions and also some general knowledge. Some questions may looks simple but actually you have to think quite deep about it. It was like reading behind the lines. The sooner you finished it, the better. But you have to answer them correctly though. The key is to answer it fast and minimize our mistakes. The last thing you need is to be nervous and have sweaty palms because this test is computerised. And thus, it is really hard to not accidentally click a wrong answer just because you can't really control the mouse with sweaty palms! The competition there was kind of big because err the kids are mostly straight A's plus and I was like omg omg, will I stand a chance? :O But I just answer it lah. haha. Well, this message was originally from my sister because she knew more about this Pintar program than me, hiks. Cheers to Wee Soo May! XD

After some ages, haha, the UPU result is finally announced. Thank God I got it. I remembered a got a little teary and screamed after that. I really felt a huge huge wave of relive. :) Then, I had to download the forms and agreements and have to do things accordingly so that there won't be a problem at the registration. Another relive was I found out that Asasi students will get fiance help from the ministry so it lift the burden of my parents a little. The only thing is that this Asasi Pintar can be a little expensive compared to other courses,  more than a thousand ringgit. But based on the chances that the students will be getting like chances to go overseas, the payment is worth it. I had to make a Bank Islam account and use it to pay for the fees. I also had to go for medical checkup. A little advice about medical checkup. If you want it to be cheap, be quick to book a place at the government clinics or hospital or you won't stand a chance. If not, you will ended up being like me. I didn't know that the procedure has to be like that so the booking was already full. I had to do mine in a private hospital and it does cost much. Sob sob. FYI, there are quite many forms to be filled and things to be sahkan. The worst thing is if there is any mistake, it will cost my future --"

Oh and I got a lot of questions about what Asasi Pintar is. I myself am not sure too, haha. Because there were too little people talking about it in blogs or forums. It is a quite new program. Maybe my batch is the second or third or something. That's why people are not yet informed, including me. What I know is that, it is just another Foundation in Science or Asasi Pintar. Pintar is just a name because it is under this PINTAR program by Datin Rosmah. The level is maybe a little higher or something because it is said to be leveled like the John-Hopkins University. Some said it is a hectic, fast-track foundation. The competition is high due to the qualifications. We will have to learn other subjects as well. If lucky, you'll get sponsors like JPA after you finish this foundation. Or you can enter UKM for your degree. I remembered someone told me that Asasi kids is something like the university's foster child so yah, you'll get more priviledge to enter UKM in the future, maybe. Whatever it is, you still have to be hardworking and struggle. :)

I had a hard time searching for information and experiences about Asasi Pintar. There are a few blogs talking about it and I am thankful, so thankful. At least I can get a glimpse of it. So, I decided I want to blog about my life there, to help other people understand about it. So that next year, maybe juniors can make my posts as a guide to understand what it is. And maybe if they are interested, they can apply for it n the UPU. Sharing is caring right? hihihh. This is my current decision la. I'm not sure if I can have time to blog or not. I want to study hard. Hehe. But I'll manage :D

That's all for now. Good luck to everyone who are pursuing their studies no matter where, in universities or politechnics or form six. Just have faith in yourself that everything will be OK. Spread love and positive ions okayy. haha. Byee people. :)

P/S: Sorry if there's any typo. I'm under medication and feeling drowsy, hihihh.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hi people! Peace yo!

How is everybody? Fine? Great. Err. Not well? Sila pergi makan ubat straight away. Arahan daripada pihak berkuasa blog. Acece. Haha. Or you are feeling senget like me? That's totally cool. Welcome to my world! Haha.

Ok, what a weird opening. Intai sikit kat tepi tu. No wonder my followers is still stuck at 50 people. No wonder I am not motivated to write, aiyooo. *head down* Thank God I'm not that desperate, kihkih. If not, I dah tebalkan muka ni pergi leave link kat shoutbox people saying "Hi dear, please follow my blog." Erh, purlezzz. I don't blog to collect followers man. Write untuk puaskan hati kecil ni saja. *peace sign*

Actually, I am not really sure what is the purpose of this post. Maybe just to remind you all that this girl is still breathing and dreaming. Dream. Ok. Dream. I love my dream ok. So much that I am struggling to protect it. Sometimes some people just don't understand what does it feels like. I don't know why lah. I thought that people would understand that once you have a dream, you would almost do anything to reach it. Maybe some have gave up their dreams and thought that dreams are just dreams. Reality is different. Yes I know that. Dreams and reality are completely two different things, either from spelling or pronounciation. Ok Yen buat lawak lame. Gelak lah. Eh eh tak nak gelak? Tak pe tak pe. Tak nak sambung tulis post ni. Tsk tsk. :P

Okay. Back to the topic. Ehem ehem. Yah. Different things, totally. But for me. there is a link between them you see. A dream can become a reality. A dream can be upgraded to become a reality. Humm. However there is this catch. Without dreams, reality won't exist. Humm humm. Let's take an example. Do you know the Wright brothers? They use to think how birds can fly freely in the sky. So they started to think why can't man do the same. But of course we can't grow wings right. Now that is what I call dreaming.

The word dream isn't merely an imagination you had while sleeping. Dream also means something you think to achieved in the future you see. The Wright brothers dreamt that man can one day fly. Yah. That's their dream. Thanks to their dream, we traveling around the globe is possible. Thank you Wright brothers, for inspiring me about this post too :)  I do hope that one day, in the future, people would thank me too, for making something impossible turn into something possible.

I know that having a dream doesn't mean you can achieved it. You can't just sit around and wait for your dreams to just fall down. Attention here, dreams don't fall on top of you all okay. You still need to have this little thing called effort. Nak mohon biasiswa, PTPTN, UPU. That's effort man. You can't just sit around tanpa surf internet or tanya kawan or tanya cikgu right? You can't expect everything to be spoon-fed right? Eh hello. Semua dah besau-besau kan? :))) So remember this cute thingy called effort.

However at some times, due to some situations, a little evil thought invades our minds. The thought of giving up. Pernah tak? If tak pernah, sah la tu, you tak normal. Which planet are you from? May i have your alien identification number please? Haha. Just kidding! I say that the thought of giving up is completely normal because I am feeling it lately. It makes me down. It makes me sitting alone in the middle of the night, thinking. It makes me toss and turn on the bed. It makes me lazy to do anything including updating my cute gorgeous daebak beauuutifuuul blog. Ewww, gross. Haha. Sometimes I feel like I just want to go somewhere deserted, quiet and just scream out loud. huhu. well. The point is the thought of giving up is seriously a dangerous assasin like Nikita. Whoaaa. See how dangerous it is. So people, let's fight it! Haiyaaaaaa! :O *karate kick* Oh yeah! I won't give up on us. Even if the sky gets rough. :)

People, I know dreams are hard to reach but at least I want to try first. Takkan la due to these 'tiny' circumstances, I want to give up right? Try. I need to at least try. If can't then, no luck la. Well, I believe God will let things fall into their right places. If not now then eventually. Keep faith people. Fight for our dreams. Oh yes, fight for my dream. So, dream vs reality? Should we let the some not-so-nice reality stop us from  reaching our dreams? Lu pikir la sendiri!

Now, I dream that I can pass my JPJ test on the third trial. Haha. Yes, third. Sengaja nak tunjuk. Kihkih. See, I am dreaming again. Hope can achieve that dream tomorrow. To achieve that, maybe I should head to bed early tonight. Wake up fresh to face JPJ officer, kihkih. Wish me best of luck! :D

Till then, I'm a dreamer, are you?
Okay, byeee :)

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello people!! Whatssup?!
 Budak-budak awesome batch '95, result ape cite? :) Kalau gempak, congratsss! Kalau kurang gempak pun, congratss too! Pendek kata, congratss la semua! You all are the best! *tabik spring*
This post if obviously, um too obvious about SPM results. Sorry if the SPM result topic is lame for you or you don't even want to hear about the word SPM anymore. But I just can't help it. This is my current life now kan. Ehem ehem. Let the story begin. :P

I opened my eyes at six in the morning after listening to Big Bang screaming beside my ears. So lazy but I make myself wake up. I was thinking, why do I have to wake up so early today? The memory came straight away. Aumm. Fine. It's the red letter day. I had to follow my sister to school because I won't have transport if I want to be at school later on. So, better be early huh? After all, can hang out with Baz. Girls' talk.*winkwink* Hihih.

Then, everyone was looking by the time I got to school. Okay. I started to be uncomfortable. Still, like Cikgu Romlah said, maintain ayu tak kira what condition you are in. Haha. Fine. Waited not quite patiently for Baz adn finally she arrived. Then, walk, walk, and we ran into some teachers. Ohno. Don't get me wrong. It's not that we don't want to see our teachers but I am kind of freaked out to think about their hopes on us every time I see their faces. Then, found a nice place to sit. We talked, laughed and people started to arrive. Then, teman Lina to send her textbooks, books etc. Then, we gathered in front of the library. It was past ten o'clock already. Which means that we can check our results using SMS, if we want. I didn't dare too, have a weak heart, hihih. 
Not long after that, saw PKP's car came into the our viem and enter the parking. Everyone was kind of screaming a little I think. Haha. The result is here already. Humm. Great. Then, my mom came and I was like whoa, freaking out. And we err, let's skip that part lah. It's private and confidential. :P

After that, we are asked to enter the hall. I bet everyone's heart was beating fast! What to do. Some people still haven't know their results. After speeches and speeches adn stories about kasut adidas and fipper *wekk*, the time is here. The teacher started to announce the result. People were clapping, sobbing, shouting, smiling, cheering, crying and 'speechlessing'. I think for me I'd rather not watch the moment. Some moments were heartbreaking. People started questioning why why why. I also don't know how how how. Tapi I sedih sebab kadang-kadang I takut yang I bukan seorang kawan yang baik. I am very sorry okay.*lap air mata*

People often say your result is something that you deserve. I have been hearing that a lot since yesterday and until this moment when I'm typing this post. Sow your seed and reap your wheat. How much wheat you get depends on how much you sow your seed. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is not. I think it depends on you yourself to think wether it is true for you or not. Mungkin you hate it when people ask you why why why you tak dapat result yang cun and meletop. I myself don't tolerate this kind of attitude. Let them think lah what they want to think. SPM is not that easy path to deal okay. Deep down inside, we just stay calm and know that we have done our best.

Yesterday when watching the news, my heart was sort of torn a bit. 15793 students obtains straight A's. 481 received all A+'s. Scary. Where am I? I didn't and can't continue watching the SPM news after that. I realised that I was stupid. Yah, stupid is the word, to think that my result is bad. Humans are never really contended, do we? If you get a few A's, then you want more A's. If you have more A's, then you want straight A's. If you have straight A's, then you want straight A+'s. If you have straight A+'s, you want to be among the top twenty nation scorers. If you are in top twenty, you want to be the number one scorer of Malaysia. OMG. What attitude are we having. Don't compare yourself with someone better, compare yourself with someone less unfortunate. You will feel better.


Let's say that you think you suck in SPM. You cicir one A ke, you tak dapat A ke. You malu dengan result you sampai orang lain tanya berapa you dapat pun you tak nak cakap pun tak ape. It's fine. People always think that I might not understand but I do, seriously. I have been there too. Life is like a rollercoaster right? Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are at the bottom.You see, no matter what is your result is, your life has to go on. You still have to eat, sleep. watch tv. tweet. open FB and of course layan Korean dramas. Hakhaks, just to lighten the mood! :P You and I, which equals to we, need to move on. We are still young peeps. Ingat tak budak-budak 5 Alfa 2012? What did we write with colourful chalks on the blackboard in front?


 Life is still a long way. Don't give up peeps. But if you have any problems moving on, consult somebody or even me. Text ke call ke. I don't mind. I will try to fix you, because YOU ARE MY KAWAN.

Oh, kepada my cikgu-cikgu semua, terima kasih banyak banyak untuk segalanya. Yapp, untuk segala-galanya. And kepada my parents and family. thanks so much for being my backbone all this time. Love you lots. And kepada kawan semua, thanks too, for everything. Okay, tak tahu nak cakap ape dah. Nanti banjir pulak kat blog nih.

Okay, congrats to all again!
K byeeee :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi people! :)
 Sorry for not updating. Like anyone cares about this blog, kihkih. Oh, I don't know how did I manage to laugh at that. And my followers are still stuck at number 49. Apakah? I can only blame myself for being lazy. Lalalalaa. Ok, change topic.

Just now I was listening to the news as usual. Kind of paying more attention to the news especially since the Sulu Invasion thingy and yah, the result thingy. I was expecting this already but turned out that I am not prepared tp know when is the real SPM result date after all. Suddenly, at the bottom of the television screen is 'Keputusan SPM akan diumumkan pada Khamis depan'(Or something like that). I was like huh, whattt? Has to take a few seconds to 'digest' what I just saw.

A few seconds later, I screamed.! --" "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! SPM resulttt!" Dashed into the room and grabbed the phone. No text messages. Ok, fine. Put down the phone and tried to act normal. I don't think I want to be texting people about when the result is. People might faint when they read my message. I may create an unnecessary havoc. Haha. Oh, did I just laughed? Yipeee. XD

A hour later, I checked my phone again and 2 messages and 2 missed calls. Whoa, ok. People texted me about the result thingy. Replied with mixed feelings. I felt like I was dreaming. Oh man. This is only 6 days from the real result date. What will I feel on the real date then? I could not imagine. I will probably stay up on the eve and have ugly eye bags to accompany me to school the next day. Hahaa.

As some of you know. I had been helping around with my father's shop lately. The customer will sometimes ask. "Ni tauke punya anak ko? Tak sekolah ko? Tunggu SPM ko?" Yah, frequent questions and I;ll just answer and give my Colgate smile, Haha, But just now in the morning, there had been a change of the pattern in the question you see. "Result SPM nok keluar doh kea? Minggu depan kea? Agaknyo boleh ke dok?" Soalan power betul. Lebih daripada Kopi Tongkat Ali yang super power tu. I just nodded, smiled and didn't answer the last question. Humm, no idea how to answer. Some questions are better left unanswered, right? Right? *awkward silence*

In my opinion, I think everyone have the right to be worried about this. I mean some people have been saying that they are worried either in FB or Twitter and their friend will just reply or comment that the latter don't have to worry cause they are smart. This is annoying. --" At least I feel annoyed for that person, hahah. Smart people can't worry is it? (Not to say that I am smart or whatever genius ok?) Please don't judge people like that. *begging* And if you said that you are not worried. That is ridiculous. The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. Haha, I am planning to do that now. After all, silence is golden! Muehehee. Find some inner peace (cehh, kononnya) before this Thursday.

"Saya ok, saya dah besar."

Haha. Calci Yum punya advertistment. i like the message and I like the phrase. Ok, sorry if there's any typo. I'm trying to type this really quick. Got to go sleep now. Tomorrow have driving lessons. FYI, I'm going for JPJ test in two weeks time maybe. Yeayy. Couldn't make it before the result. What a pity. Or I'll just drive to school on that day, haha. *look up and imagine*

Anyway, look at the trool comic below. Haha. Found it on FB and I laughed. LOL. Hahaha. I had experienced this quite a few times ok? :P

Ok, adios amigos!
byeeeee :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Wawww. *mouth wide open* I wish I can get those pretty wrapped presents too.

Holla amigos! Looks like someone just came back from Spain? haha. Naah. I just came back. But not from Spain. But from her grandaparents' house. Well, not just. I arrived at Kelantan two days ago. This is the longest time I spent at the kampung during Chinese New Year. Back then, when I was still schooling, I had to sadly wave goodbye to my relatives there around the third or forth day. It was not fair at all. I often thought that way. Maybe that time I was still immature. Not to say that I am fully mature now! *laughs* 

Try think from another side of view. Without the rain, we wouldn't appreciate the sun. So, my hypothesis is: Without the the 'unfairness' of the situation, I wouldn't appreciate this year's oppurtunity to be able to stayback a little longer, right? I treat this as a special opportunity of course. Thanks to everyone's support. hehee. *berry berry wide grin*

I was in my grandparents house a day before Chinese New Year. Came home the day before yesterday. So, how many days I was there? I'll just let you guys do the math ok? Hehe. CNY this year was FUN! Maybe is was because I'm the most not rushing person in the family now. Haha. Seriously. I felt so relaxed and I just laid back to enjoy the moment like lying down for a spa. Oh, ayat yang sangat sangat sengal. 

For me, the best thing about celebration, no matter what celebration is the people! Yes, the big family. Not to mention the noise. And the chaos everytime the house recieve a visit from other relatives. Serve drinks laa. Serve food la. Tidbits laa. But the most excited moment is when receiving the red packets aka angpow aka extra pocket money. Kacinggg. Hey, I love angpows but ain't a gold digger baby. *laughs* 

With the load of people(haha) that we had to fed during the few days, my grandma's kitchen is always smoking. From steamed chicken to curry crabs to curry mee and most importantly 'my' favourite laksa. It was funny how suddenly Ah Ma (grandma) can have so many assistants by her side when she is cooking. Just imagine, if she calls out "Garlic!", in more or less one second, the garlic will be in her hand without her moving, haha. Fantastic, huh? Haha. This is what I call the spirit man. Don't forget the spirit of 'curi makan' the dishes! Very frequently, I'm involved too, shhh. Kihkih. The meal time is the most chaotic of all I think. Because there are so many people and so many dishes and well you just don't know what to eat.! Although it can be a little (actually very) crammed but yah, it's Chinese New Year remember? :) But the worst thing was teh task of washing the plates after every meal. And this task is often, well, always handed to us, the little red ants in the kitchen. Haha. Right, little red ants. Hey, are you guys imagining it? Please do. Aww, it does sound and look kind of cute right? haha.

Nevertheless, the moment that I um, dislike is. Well, hate is a too strong word. During this particular celebration, people will be making serious chat with me. What do I want to study later? What do I want to become? Where do i want to study? Have I applied anywhere? Have I got any offer from any universities? And do I have faith in scoring 'magnificiently'? Huh, I am not a programmed robot to score high wonderful results okay. I know, I know that people are concerned. I wish to score too but uh, I don't know what to say.  But sometimes less questions and less inquiries are better appreciated. I personally feel that way lah. It is okay, seriously okay if you just want to ask about this. But huh, it made me uncomfortable. Imagine like you have ten cupcakes to sell. It seems an easy job right? But if your boss keep on calling every minute and asking wether have you sell all the damn cupcakes, think twice, how would you feel? 

Oh and good news. For me. Haha. I got myself all Glee DVDs! Season one to season four! Borrowed from my aunty. Thanks Je Ee! Muahhhx.Yayy, I got something to spend time on. And I love it when the cast sang The Scientist by Coldplay. Thanks to Glee. I never thought that Coldplay songs are nice. Sorry Coldplay fans! Humm, maybe I should explore more types of music genre. I can hear the song playing in my head. Kihkih.

"Nobody said it was easy
Oh it's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it was so hard
I'm going back to the start"
-The Scientist by Coldplay-

I actually had quite a suprise this CNY. Mainly because 3 people brought me cute little things, all about Eiffel tower! Haha. When I arrived at my grandparents house, my grandma gave me a paper bag containing clothes she bought for my sister and I for CNY. When I opened it, wowww, two leggings and two checked shirts and a two blouses(one pink one blue) with a huge Eiffel tower at the front! Wowww! Ah ma said my aunty said I would really love this. And yapp! I love it! Yayy. And my Je Ee got me an Eiffel tower necklace,  with colourful stones and matching earings. Ah Ee (my another aunty) got me DIY accesories based on Eiffel tower too. Everything was Eiffel tower-ish. Hihie. It seems now that the tower had sort of been my signature.  Remind me more of my dream. How awesomeee.

P/S: Vain photography on CNY is yet to be posted. Don't wait! haha

Okay lah. Think I had blabber enough for this sort of comback post. Haha. I had been busy with CNY celebration lately and had missed so so many giveaways. sobs. 
Till next time. byeee! XD


i love this cover. melting like an ice-cream:)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Oh, so cute little Eiffel tower.
Hi people!
I'm sorry that I privated my bloggie for a few days, err, weeks? Hihie. Doesn't matter now because it is alive again. The purpose of closing my blog to public was simple. I want to do a makeover for my blog. You know, put a little of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, BB cream, powder. Errr. Merapu sudah. Abaikan.

Anyway, yah. Can you guys see the makeover? I know it isn't much *laughs* but I think it kind of look different lah right? Impossible if you guys says it looks the same cause I spent a few midnights doing it you know. Sobsobs. If you can't see the difference, kindly please refer to your nearest optometrist. kihkih.

I asked for the expert in this editing process. haha. Cik Bazilah laa. Well, since she is my bestie, might as well kacau her and ask her how to do transparent header. Because usually she'll be the one who used to design my header, mihmih. Umm, let's say that I am pampered. haha

The new blog title is DREAMCHASE. I spent quite some time thinking what should I have as my title. And suddenly the word 'dream' entered my mind. Then I thought that if just put the word 'dream' tak cukup gempak! haha. So I cracked my head again and yes, i want to chase my dream. So, I officially announce that my new blog title is DREAMCHASE! Woohoooo!

I wanted some change in my blog appearance because well, I have changed too. Not exactly. But well, I do need a good change. I am trying to change. After all, Cik Amni says that we are now young ladies, hihie. So, act like one! More matured lah I mean. Not putting our heads high and flirt with any boys we see just because we are eighteen right? Ehemehem. Oh, age is such a taboo for me. Boohoo. And, I have fallen in love with vintage style, mihmihmih. So the background is something like vintage. Hihie.

Anyway, I refered to a few blogs for their tutorial as well! Credits to them! :D Just in case you guys want to look for nice, easy-to-understand tutorials, here are the links:

Well, this post is just especially for my little comeback. Since I can't shout anywhere, might as well shout here, at my blog! HEY. I'M BACK!!! XD

P/S: Sometimes I wonder how will my wedding be. *lots of laugh in a gedik way*

Okay, byeee :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


" If the heart is always searching
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone
Never make it on my own "
-Jonas Brothers' When You Look Me in The Eyes-


Hi people! XD
Muahhh, XOXO *ewww*
I think lately I jadi semakin gedik. Semakin lama, semakin gedik.'Gedikness' is directly propotional to time. Awww, reminds me of Physics. sobsobs. Bazilah says it is because i have nothing to do. hihie. 

Last night, as usual, online Facebook, Blogger. Suddenly terdetik di hati nak tengok school photos. Actually was laughing at first. Then, sebak, sedih and break down. After that, terus capai phone and wrote.
" Td buko fb, tngok2 gmbr sek kito 5 alfa dlu. Tibo2 mace basoh jh pipi. 
Hi awk. Sy rindu awk semua. Sobsob. "
I don't know why suddenly sensitive. Sebab usia dah tua kot.kahkah.

I love this photo not because I look pretty and very girlish, wekks. But I love this photo because of the class background. Because of the pink school bag that I miss carrying it. Because of my additional red bag. Because of my purple giant bottle. Because I'm wearing my school uniform. And because of the person beside me. I miss everything about school, yes. I miss school :)

Proudly, I want to say that my time in school all these years are not wasted. For me, school is never wholly about just gaining knowledge so that you can score in exams. But it is about making friends and relationships with people that means (really much) to you.

Anyway, my daily routine of listening to my sister talking about her current school life makes me jealous. muehheheee. I tell myself that it's okayy because next week, hopefully I'm gonna visit my school!! XD

P/S:: When I'm typing this, there is a group of girls, clad in school uniforms, chatting in front of my house. Jealoussss! --"

Okay peeps, chao!
Don't miss me! *gediks lattew*


Hi there!
Look what I've found! *gaps*

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

I know, this is worldwide phenomenon. Or I'm the only one who thought so.haha
I think both of them looks cute, LOL :P
Seriously cuteeeeeeee!!
Sorry hardcore Directioners *apologetic face* *wave*

" Losing him was blue like you've never known,
Missing him was dark grey all alone,
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met, but
Loving him was red,
Loving him was red. "

P/S:: Miss Amni finally updated her bloggie!! :))))

Hihie, okayy, chao!
TC people! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello people! *winkwink*

Forgive me, I just like to write winkwink, for no reason, hahaa. Maybe because in real life, I can't really wink you see. My eyebrows just remain static! Anyway, lame sangat opening ni, kan kan? Hummm. Life goes on as usual. Except that now I got a new interest. I like to like and share back beautiful awesome photos that I saw on Facebook. Like the one up there! See, the beautiful Eiffel? Love it, muahh. XD

Okay. Seriously lack of words and kelentongs. OMG. 

Err, byeee.

P/S:: Sorry, really awkward opening and abrupt ending haha.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teukir Di Bintang Tak Mungkin Hilang Cintaku Padamu Part II

Hi people! Ape cite? XD
Anyone miss me? *no answer* 
Sigh --" (frustrated)

Okayy, hello again. Haha. Sorry, that was really a silly opening. Maybe, maybe I am just restless these few days. Restless but lazy. Which somehow means that I am the one who actually bored myself. Sometimes I'm excited you see. The title of this post is not relevant. I just tumpang glamour Yuna and Aizat in Anugerah Juara Lagu haha. 

" Sayang jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku,
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu "

Well, I am one step to getting older, wekk, before I am currently taking motorcycle and car driving license! Peewittt! Haha. That's the reason for my absence. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. 

I THINK I am actually quite fast in this license process thingy. ROFL! I stared on last Saturday which I name super-awkward day. Haha. I knew no one, no one when I went there in the morning. I was like in a "Apakah?" mood for the whole morning. You see. Duduk tak kena. Tongkat dagu tak kena. Baju macam senget sebelah. Seluar macam tinggi sebelah. And I wonder if I wore matching shirt, trousers and shoes the whole day. Sampai dah serabut dah I fikir pasal hal ni. You see, I am sort of a very over self-conscious person. Ehem ehem. Anyway, I googled the definition of self-conscious and this particular paragraph caught my eyes. Sharing is caring, right?

"Unlike self-awareness, which in a philosophical context is being conscious of oneself as an individual, self-consciousness, being excessively conscious of one's appearance or manner, can be a problem at times. Self-consciousness is often associated with shyness and embarrassment, in which case a lack of pride and low self-esteem can result."

 But I am trying to change this not-so-good attitude! Worrying about my impression on people isn't worth my precious time. Okay, I'll try to bury this thought in my head. Teeheeheee. :P

Oh, the plus point about going to this driving lessons is I get to see my chemek-chemek sekalian. Haha. Bazilah, Fadlina, Farah. It feels better to have someone you know around in an alien place. It feels awesome that you can laugh out loud even on little things when you are with besties, agree? Really happy lah. We all talk, talk, talk and ignoring people around us. Yes, kami semua memang suka sangat bab-bab potpetpotpet ni. Hello, we are girls right. Lepas rindu katakan. XD

Eh, want to know something? My Ujian Undang-Undang results is exactly the pass mark. 42/50. Thank God. I was nervous that morning. Because when I did my pre-test at the akademi memandu, I failed. That haunts me okay. My heart was like dupdapdupdap when I enter the room to do the computer test. I think I kind of smiled and grinned too wide when I stepped out of the room because some people wore weird faces when they see me. I looked too bright maybe? Duno, I never get the chance to ask anyone there because I labelled everyone there as 'unknowns'. I just want to get out from there as fast as I can. 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving"
-Albert Einstein-

P/S: The cereal picture up there looks yummy right? I haven't eaten cereal for a long time. I remembered how I eat the cereals in my bowl one by one at a time. That was ages ago. 
God, how I long to be a kid again. :')

Okay lah. Want to concentrate on watching my Chinese drama and after that Setia Hujung Nyawa. I am currently a tv freak haha. I want to read Setia Hujung Nyawa punya novel..! T.T

Ok peeps, chao! 
Byee :D