Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hi there readers. *wave* 

I had been disappearing for so long but no worries, I still visit this blog once in a while. A few times in a month maybe. Well, things had been going on too fast. Too fast that I can't afford to pause down. Too fast that I struggle to keep standing. Too fast that I can't really catch the moments. Too fast that I am now at the edge of this ASASIpintar foundation program. Is it too fast or it is just me? 

I just got back from the cafeteria. Put my back down and gave myself a little bit of the comfort of my bed. I am suppose to finish my lab reports and assignments now but something triggers my fingers to write this post. When I am alone, I can't help but to think that my life in asasi is coming to an end already. Previously, i thought I would be jumping, counting the days happily because some parts of the life here does not treat me so well. But apparently, I can't bear the thought of this life ending. I can't bear the thought of leaving these people who were once strangers but now my friends, companions, mentors, motivators and the list goes on. Until now, I still wonder how we can all get so close. Different state? Different background? That just makes us more unique. I believe the Eximians had already tear the barrier of difference long ago and I am glad that everything works out for us.

There, everyone is so happy.

Everyone is currently busy with the research project which carries a massive weightage of 6 credit hours. I wonder if I am able to cope with it. We had just finish our 6 weeks program with an orphanage and I seriously learnt a long of things from it. Maybe I should elaborate further next time. Hmm. Believe it or not, this week, starting form tomorrow, is our final week for formal lectures. The following week will be our study week. And the finals will be starting on 31st of March. After 4 papers, we will have one final week for our research presentation and yeap, the grand dinner. This constant reminder of our schedule reflects we only have so little time together. Minus the weekends, minus the busy days. How much time can we spend time together? Curi masa here and there would be the answer for now I guess. :)

I guess the worst thing that I could do was to be the first person to cry after our final EXIMIUS 1314 dinner. Hopefully I won't. Hopefully.  

P/s: This short, random post is just for me to let my emotions flow, so it's a lil' bit unorganized. Sorry.

Dear Eximians of Eximius 1314, we do this! Let's LOL more :D

Soo Yen, the Susu of Eximius 1314 :)