Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hi people! Peace yo!

How is everybody? Fine? Great. Err. Not well? Sila pergi makan ubat straight away. Arahan daripada pihak berkuasa blog. Acece. Haha. Or you are feeling senget like me? That's totally cool. Welcome to my world! Haha.

Ok, what a weird opening. Intai sikit kat tepi tu. No wonder my followers is still stuck at 50 people. No wonder I am not motivated to write, aiyooo. *head down* Thank God I'm not that desperate, kihkih. If not, I dah tebalkan muka ni pergi leave link kat shoutbox people saying "Hi dear, please follow my blog." Erh, purlezzz. I don't blog to collect followers man. Write untuk puaskan hati kecil ni saja. *peace sign*

Actually, I am not really sure what is the purpose of this post. Maybe just to remind you all that this girl is still breathing and dreaming. Dream. Ok. Dream. I love my dream ok. So much that I am struggling to protect it. Sometimes some people just don't understand what does it feels like. I don't know why lah. I thought that people would understand that once you have a dream, you would almost do anything to reach it. Maybe some have gave up their dreams and thought that dreams are just dreams. Reality is different. Yes I know that. Dreams and reality are completely two different things, either from spelling or pronounciation. Ok Yen buat lawak lame. Gelak lah. Eh eh tak nak gelak? Tak pe tak pe. Tak nak sambung tulis post ni. Tsk tsk. :P

Okay. Back to the topic. Ehem ehem. Yah. Different things, totally. But for me. there is a link between them you see. A dream can become a reality. A dream can be upgraded to become a reality. Humm. However there is this catch. Without dreams, reality won't exist. Humm humm. Let's take an example. Do you know the Wright brothers? They use to think how birds can fly freely in the sky. So they started to think why can't man do the same. But of course we can't grow wings right. Now that is what I call dreaming.

The word dream isn't merely an imagination you had while sleeping. Dream also means something you think to achieved in the future you see. The Wright brothers dreamt that man can one day fly. Yah. That's their dream. Thanks to their dream, we traveling around the globe is possible. Thank you Wright brothers, for inspiring me about this post too :)  I do hope that one day, in the future, people would thank me too, for making something impossible turn into something possible.

I know that having a dream doesn't mean you can achieved it. You can't just sit around and wait for your dreams to just fall down. Attention here, dreams don't fall on top of you all okay. You still need to have this little thing called effort. Nak mohon biasiswa, PTPTN, UPU. That's effort man. You can't just sit around tanpa surf internet or tanya kawan or tanya cikgu right? You can't expect everything to be spoon-fed right? Eh hello. Semua dah besau-besau kan? :))) So remember this cute thingy called effort.

However at some times, due to some situations, a little evil thought invades our minds. The thought of giving up. Pernah tak? If tak pernah, sah la tu, you tak normal. Which planet are you from? May i have your alien identification number please? Haha. Just kidding! I say that the thought of giving up is completely normal because I am feeling it lately. It makes me down. It makes me sitting alone in the middle of the night, thinking. It makes me toss and turn on the bed. It makes me lazy to do anything including updating my cute gorgeous daebak beauuutifuuul blog. Ewww, gross. Haha. Sometimes I feel like I just want to go somewhere deserted, quiet and just scream out loud. huhu. well. The point is the thought of giving up is seriously a dangerous assasin like Nikita. Whoaaa. See how dangerous it is. So people, let's fight it! Haiyaaaaaa! :O *karate kick* Oh yeah! I won't give up on us. Even if the sky gets rough. :)

People, I know dreams are hard to reach but at least I want to try first. Takkan la due to these 'tiny' circumstances, I want to give up right? Try. I need to at least try. If can't then, no luck la. Well, I believe God will let things fall into their right places. If not now then eventually. Keep faith people. Fight for our dreams. Oh yes, fight for my dream. So, dream vs reality? Should we let the some not-so-nice reality stop us from  reaching our dreams? Lu pikir la sendiri!

Now, I dream that I can pass my JPJ test on the third trial. Haha. Yes, third. Sengaja nak tunjuk. Kihkih. See, I am dreaming again. Hope can achieve that dream tomorrow. To achieve that, maybe I should head to bed early tonight. Wake up fresh to face JPJ officer, kihkih. Wish me best of luck! :D

Till then, I'm a dreamer, are you?
Okay, byeee :)