Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tc frenz..

halu.. i'm at hm 4 dis wik,, 1 wh0le wik!! Knw y?? c0uz my sc0l is cl0sd..n c0uz 3 stdnts r p0stv wit H1N1.. Pity d 3 of dem,, i'm stil srchin' wh0 r dey!! k,, frenz,, tc.. so dad u w0n't b inspctd wit d pandemic.. make sure u d0n fal sick!! if u r,, go n c a d0c, quick!! rmbr 2 hv pr0per diet, so dad our b0dy wil gt mr energy 2 prtct ourslf 4m any vrusss... haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

so b0ringgggg....

Hurm...i'm so b0ring.. no1 snt msgs, no1 is online.. huhu..so?? Agen,, s.0.s..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


hi there!! eventh0ugh i hvn rely rc0vrd 4m my fver..i still keen 2 c0mpete u n0e!! I wen 4 d Public Speaking Kelantan State Level C0mpetition.. d cmptti0n ws kinda tite.. evry1 ws in teir best, me? C0fin all over d place..it is rducing!! i can't gv it a full blast!! dun0.. d prt I nj0yd best wa d 2nd prt, d impr0mtu!! ''HOW CAN I C0NTRIBUTE TO REDUCE POLLUTI0N'' Dads d gven title!! I startd wit silly j0kes.. "i h0pe u all cn still rmmbr me,, c'm0n, im Wee S00 Yen 4m SMK Bachok..bla3.. a fw minutes ag0,, no2, v r all taught 2 b h0nest, rite? ok, 4 minutes ag0, i ws gven a t0pic...bla3.........'' w0nder hw do I manage 2 fgure th0se silly wrds.. wel, I pasd d time, in fct, a bit m0re than it sh0uld b.. (do u knw hw fun ws it? 2 b on stage? every1 listens 2 wat u say..its yah, nerv0us.. but den,, FUN!!) i aso gv sm definiti0ns like c0ntributi0ns, rduce n p0lluti0n.. d silly me, I didnt sy anyting b0ut 3R!! Ah well,, its 0ver! no p0int crying over spilt milk.. huhu..

c0ugh! c0ugh!

Hey there! S0ly c0uz tere aint much news b0ut me lately.. I ws sick,, fever.. Startd las Thurs.. 0h G0d! It ws rely bad.. i ws h0me 4 5 days..imagine!! fuh.. dis is rec0rd breakin' man!!! Nw,, i'm beta.. still c0fing.. W0rst prt!! my 'amazing' (jk!! no offnce!) v0ice change!! I can't even d0 my 'daily r0utine'!! Dad is of c0urz, singing... hahhha.. its n0rmal nw.