Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello people! Yen is in the house! How is everyone doing?

Sorry I didn't keep this blog updated. Yeah, I was busy but most of the time I was lazy. Like most of my regular readers know (eh, ada readers ke tak actually ni?), I was a underundergraduate that just laze around the house. However,this state is sort of coming to its end because I will be entering a Foundation in Science in UKM, named Asasi Pintar soon. And the soon is actually tomorrow already hehee. I am now in KL. My papa suggested we get here earlier a day so that it won't be that rushing you see. Being early is more awesome than being late right? 

I actually never thought I would be offered to enter this because I had never thought of applying this in my UPU. Actually before the result, I had completely put my hopes in applying and in the end getting a Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship in medic. However my hopes were sort of crushed when I found out that JPA won't be giving scholarships for post-SPM students in medic anymore. They only offered engineering courses to German, France, Japan and Korea. I did applied and got shortlisted for the interview and went but that is totally not what I want to talk about in this post. 

Back to the point. I decided to find another alternative to do pursue my dreams in medic. Thank God both of my parents understood my passion and they helped me through it. Thanks papa and mummy. :') There are only 3 asasi that I was eligible to apply which is Asasi Pintar UKM, Asasi Perubatan UPNM and Asasi Sains Pertanian UPM. So, I put those three in my list of choice in the UPU. My first choice was Asasi Pintar UKM. So, when the interview result can be checked around umm, end of April, I managed to get shortlisted for Ujian Saringan UKM 2. I was thrilled because at last I have something solid to fight for and not just dreaming. Yes, dreams are important but it is still vital for us to fight to make that dream a reality. Do remember that people :)

The ujian saringan was held in SMK Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala Terengganu. So I had to go down all the way to Terengganu with my mummy to sit for it. It was a hassle actually but well, you can't expect everything to just be laid down right in front of your eyes. The duration of the test in 2 hours and half. If I am not mistaken, there was around 15 modules of different types of IQ questions. Yep, the questions vary from IQ stuffs to Mathematics, logical questions, ethical questions and also some general knowledge. Some questions may looks simple but actually you have to think quite deep about it. It was like reading behind the lines. The sooner you finished it, the better. But you have to answer them correctly though. The key is to answer it fast and minimize our mistakes. The last thing you need is to be nervous and have sweaty palms because this test is computerised. And thus, it is really hard to not accidentally click a wrong answer just because you can't really control the mouse with sweaty palms! The competition there was kind of big because err the kids are mostly straight A's plus and I was like omg omg, will I stand a chance? :O But I just answer it lah. haha. Well, this message was originally from my sister because she knew more about this Pintar program than me, hiks. Cheers to Wee Soo May! XD

After some ages, haha, the UPU result is finally announced. Thank God I got it. I remembered a got a little teary and screamed after that. I really felt a huge huge wave of relive. :) Then, I had to download the forms and agreements and have to do things accordingly so that there won't be a problem at the registration. Another relive was I found out that Asasi students will get fiance help from the ministry so it lift the burden of my parents a little. The only thing is that this Asasi Pintar can be a little expensive compared to other courses,  more than a thousand ringgit. But based on the chances that the students will be getting like chances to go overseas, the payment is worth it. I had to make a Bank Islam account and use it to pay for the fees. I also had to go for medical checkup. A little advice about medical checkup. If you want it to be cheap, be quick to book a place at the government clinics or hospital or you won't stand a chance. If not, you will ended up being like me. I didn't know that the procedure has to be like that so the booking was already full. I had to do mine in a private hospital and it does cost much. Sob sob. FYI, there are quite many forms to be filled and things to be sahkan. The worst thing is if there is any mistake, it will cost my future --"

Oh and I got a lot of questions about what Asasi Pintar is. I myself am not sure too, haha. Because there were too little people talking about it in blogs or forums. It is a quite new program. Maybe my batch is the second or third or something. That's why people are not yet informed, including me. What I know is that, it is just another Foundation in Science or Asasi Pintar. Pintar is just a name because it is under this PINTAR program by Datin Rosmah. The level is maybe a little higher or something because it is said to be leveled like the John-Hopkins University. Some said it is a hectic, fast-track foundation. The competition is high due to the qualifications. We will have to learn other subjects as well. If lucky, you'll get sponsors like JPA after you finish this foundation. Or you can enter UKM for your degree. I remembered someone told me that Asasi kids is something like the university's foster child so yah, you'll get more priviledge to enter UKM in the future, maybe. Whatever it is, you still have to be hardworking and struggle. :)

I had a hard time searching for information and experiences about Asasi Pintar. There are a few blogs talking about it and I am thankful, so thankful. At least I can get a glimpse of it. So, I decided I want to blog about my life there, to help other people understand about it. So that next year, maybe juniors can make my posts as a guide to understand what it is. And maybe if they are interested, they can apply for it n the UPU. Sharing is caring right? hihihh. This is my current decision la. I'm not sure if I can have time to blog or not. I want to study hard. Hehe. But I'll manage :D

That's all for now. Good luck to everyone who are pursuing their studies no matter where, in universities or politechnics or form six. Just have faith in yourself that everything will be OK. Spread love and positive ions okayy. haha. Byee people. :)

P/S: Sorry if there's any typo. I'm under medication and feeling drowsy, hihihh.