Thursday, June 23, 2011

attenti0n::WeeKenD iS hErE!!


d startin of an0ther epi. haha, owes epi wen it c0mes 2 weekend. ngee~~

jz n0w no sp0rts practice. actually already prepared 2 stayback, bt since no practice. can go h0me early!! yay..haha. bt den, didnt rely practised 4 it. i hv no idea h0w m i g0in 2 run nx week, haha. enterd 200m n 400mx4 race. jz tryin!! n, hv 2 enter pandu puteri's kwad 4 d cl0sing cerem0ny. i actually wantd 2 j0in d h0use's perbarisan[it'll b so much fun!] bt since ckgu askd me 2 c0nduct d team.. pty her s0, agreed. sigh. ok weesooyen. think po0sitive please. n0w. h0wever, d team is jz g0in 2 b a mess. an0ther, sigh. ok, p0ositive. :)))) evryting is g0in 2 b alrite. h0pe so

so back 2 my st0ry. wen h0me, bathe, eat, do h0usech0res.. n, guez wat? hit d sack 4 1 n half h0urs, haha. thursday evening kinda serves as my time 2 regain all my sleep i miss during d weekdays. ngee.. no harm d0ne i gues. :D but n0w, like still sleepy. haha, weesooyen kaki tido. shhh.
haha, rely 'tea-red' u n0e!! hee.

btw, 2day already passed up m0ral f0lio!! yeah, yeah, yeah...

k, g0t 2 go!! taataa~~

oh! do listen to tayl0r swift's enchanted!! so sweettt.. :D

"this night is sparkling, d0n't u let it go

i'm wonderstruck, blushing all d way home

i'll spend forever wondering if u n0e
i was enchanted to meet u.."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NeGatiVe SecRet ReCipe..

hi!! 2day kinda free.. so decided 2 p0ur out my feelings a bit, hua3.

yesterday's yesterday., yah, i mean on Sun. i received presents 4 being 1st in my class. wat? i ws feeling so shy, shy-shy cat, haha. since wen do i hv dis? i dun0. wat i n0e is dad i hvn dot 1st 4 quite sm time already.. so, rely thankful man. i ws like dreaming, huh. my heart ws dup, dup, rely thumping. walking up d stage, say tq, receive presents n g0t dwn. passed many pe0ple bt didnt rely lookd at dem. jz smile, at d fl00r! hehe

many pe0ple askd me hw did i did it. sc0ring straight 10 a's. including a teacher n a fren. well, dads someting dad i cnt answr. i myself m n0t sure. c, my p0st tittle? negative secret recepi!! i jz studied like evry1 else. n, i d0n owes c0mplete m h0mework. i l0ve books bt i dun stick 2 dem evrywer i go. i hv a bl0g n FB 2! it's n0t dad i hv super brain or aws0me mem0ry! i n0e, it'll b superb if i hv th0se p0wers..haha. im yet 2 unc0ver my own abilities, onestly! d truth is, im quite a lazy pers0n. ngee.. myb d keys is my dedicated teachers, my supp0rtive family n as well as my aws0me frens.. i l0ve dem all so munchies!!

i d0n rely gv a 100% attenti0n 2 my studies. i wan 2 enj0y my teen n sec0ndary life. in B0nes ysterday, n 1 of d less0ns i g0t is dad life is ony once. appreciate it well. live life d fullest. yah, it;s true. in fact, vry true. like my bi0 tcher, Madam R0mlah owes says dad 2. yes, v must study seriously. bt v mus aso do other things 2, like flirting! haha. neva 4gt d fact dad v aso hv a life other den studyin. experience puppy l0ve or a crush ia aso part of teen's life. n, i c0uldnt agree m0re. i myself aso experience it..:P

i c0me across a quote jz n0w.. jz 2 share. gv it a th0ught, will ya? remember, live like we're dying-tqvm kris allen 4 dis inspiring s0ng. :D

"cherish yesterday, live today, dream tommor0w"

k, c ya! ^-^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

epi xD

hi!! hi!!

c, d cute little cactus is waving at u!! ngee.. f0und these litlle, moving, cute animations!! wan it 2?? here's d link..

dis week, im so epy as well as relieved..bc0z...

1. g0t all exm results epi. Thank God c0z i g0t my 1st 10 A'S!!! yay!! it's true i gues,. after hardw0rk, God will gv us d best result he wans us 2 hv.. like katy perry's firework's lyric

"..after a hurricane, c0mes a rainb0w.."

2.jz finis my piano grd5 practical exm..:D n0t sure h0w i did. i rely h0pe i pass!! rely no c0nfidence bah.. but nw, am free 4m stress! hehe. yesterday's piano class aso stress-free. ngee..

3.i manage 2 edit my n0te bel0w post!! c it, jz d0wn there..hehe yay!! credits to miss ainaa. She is d 1 who did tdis tutorial in her bl0g. *clap3*. credits to my fren, meni., 4 gving me d URL of d bl0g! yeay.. t0wards d upgrade of my bl0ggie..kih3.

k, tata 4 n0w!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kelantan VS Terengganu Fa Cup

hi pe0ple! ceh, perasaan pe0ple read ur bl0g, hehe.

b4 u read further dwn, plez clap 4 kelantan f0otball team 1st, 4 being 1st runner up in yesterday's FA cup..hehe. clap3...

2day actualy im supp0sed 2 start sch0oling. east c0ast, kn.. but i'm here, updating my bl0g! aikk,, weird?? well, v g0t a h0liday due 2 my bel0ved state kelantan, that succeedd enterin d FA Cup..hehe. unf0rtunately, v l0st 2-1 2 terengganu.. huhu. nvrmindla, der's still an0ther cup. d sad ting is dad terengganu's 1st g0al ws accidentaly sc0red by our Daudsu. pity him, he must b feelin extra guilty. i regard dis as terengganu's gud lak. dey managed 2 rise back after deir 1st g0al. yah, deir spirit s0ars n kelantan's spirit g0es d0wn. it's all physcology, mum said. n, i c0uldnt agree m0re. i w0uldve been 2 so, ders no nid 2 blame d kelantan players. dey hv tried d best!! i l0ve dem..

l0ve,l0ve, l0ve..

so, school wll officially starts 2mrw. hua3. time 2 face d music 4 pkbs2! oh God.. h0pe evryting's rite. all's well that ends well?? sadhu! :D n, havin piano's practical grd5 exm on wednesday. so nerv0us!! huhu!

k, adios!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FUHH..What a day!!!

hey all!!

well, c my title n yah.. wat a day!! ok sweetie, here how it wen..

2day, im actually supp0sed 2 go 4 ICT xtra clas at sc0l, 9a.m. n mini-reunion aftr d class.. jz 2 c my l0ng-seperated frens, who went 2 mara or sbp. i got ready, hehe. well, wat a fuss 2 choose wat 2 wear! haha, girls. finally made up my mind on a red blouse n black slacks. den, another fuss on h0w 2 put my hair! pin side ways? jz let it be? put it up? at last, combed my hair 2 d back n secure it wit 2 scarves..haha. d0ne dressin! oh, it almos takes half an h0ur.

hd breakfast n packd my bags. hd so mny exctd th0ughts in my head. gona meet frens, yay. put in my addmat book. in mind::g0na ask frens 2 teach cant-do-ques. or not ill b stuckd der 4eva!! n, hv 2 run an errand at bachok. den, waited..waited..n, waited.. till i cant stand d waitin. wen dwn 2 c if pa hs any pr0blem. n, yep, he has 1. his worker isnt arrivin. bt pa said, "let's go!". wen up, ushered may n v got in2 d car. dad time, d clock sh0ws 9am, OMG. bt wat 2 do..

wen 2 bachok, otw, txtd baz..

me: ckg sapa dh?

baz:d0p ag

me:sy lmbt sket ni, ado kejo

baz:k, xpo

...........................................after a wile..................................................................

baz:ckg sapa dh..

me:oky(no w0rds 2 discribe my fellings dad time!)

reach bachok..wen here, wen der. service seems 2 b so sl0w! n, i duno h0w mny hundred times i l0ookd at my watch! tick tock, tick tock. time flies. wen v all finis, it's already 12 sumtin. pa treat us 'roti nan' n ice 'teh tarik'. wile waitin 4 orders 2 come, send msgs 2 arisa n baz..

me:sy xleh g d0h ni, urusan pa sy lam0 lg..:(

so sad

g0t h0me sweaty n smelly n tired.. quickly hit d sh0wers!


"men can only plan but only God decides" yah, dis quote describes 2day wholly. no matter how v plan sumtin, no matter hw detailed it is,. it wont happen if HE d0esnt 'appr0ves' it..:)))

dads all, tata 4 n0w!!


Monday, June 6, 2011


1 week of oliday is ova.. n, i pretty enj0y d 1st week! hehe. well, being wit d family is so nice. d sense of h0me n belonging is der,.:) as usual,

oliday=less learnin=more eatin=weight gainin