Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello orang-orang di..
Kota Bharu,
 Kuala Lumpur, 
 Kuala Pilah,
 Batu Pahat, 
Lahat Datu, 
 Johor Bharu,
 Kota Kinabalu. 
Tak kisah lah kat mana, janji di Malaysia :D

Together we preserve our  wonderful peace, shall we? *wink*
May our unity last for many, many years to come.
May we stand hand in hand,
regardless of race, religion or culture.
May we be understanding citizens of our wonderful Malaysia.
Long live Malaysia. 
I love you Malaysia. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hellow great world :)

Rain. Hujan itu rahmat. The rain is a blessing. It had been raining lately. Strong wind as the appetizer. Then, heavy rain as the main course. Ending with little drizzles as the dessert. Dessert? I want the caramel cake. The thought of it just make my mouth water. *Yummy*

Whenever it rains, what will you do? Maybe some housewives will say, "Oh, damn, it's raining. I've just hanged out the clothes". Maybe some kids will just dash out into the rain and play, without being aware of the fact that they will get scolded if they go home wet. Maybe some farmers will be rejoicing the presence of the rain which brings much advantage to their crops. Well, guess different people have different situations. :)

Little do we know what secret that the rain holds. Maybe it is a way God shows us humans how He care for us. Maybe it is a way to remind us humans that He is always up there, watching and guiding us. Maybe He is asking us to appreciate a rainy day. And maybe, we should lay back and stop whatever we are doing at the moment just to think about the secret of the rain. Maybe to think about what the rain has to teach us about life, right peeps? :)

Anyway, a day after my previous post, Kira did came to school. :) She did a great surprise to us all and it was such a happy starting of the day. Some friends and I were guessing people's reactions upon seeing her. Hee. At least she was alright and everyone was glad to see her back to school too. 

Btw, Amni suggested that I post my essay about LIFE in my bloggie. Thank you for the suggestion dear. Hihi. But I haven't got my English papers back yet. Will get it soon I guess, and maybe, maybe I'll post it. It was a weird decision how I decided to write a sort off reflective touch on the open essay topic. Dangerous, I thought I wasn't be able to make it. I spent quite some time pondering about it during the exam which was wrong. Haishh. The essay was a heart-felt essay. Maybe the first I did for real essay. I imagined I was writing on my bloggie haha. However, Teacher Siti commented that I did too much grammar mistakes that I shouldn't have done. It is not a good essay. Just to share. Hihie.

Appreciate what life brings us. Either a sunny day or a rainstorm day. Everyday is a gift from God. Everyday is a beautiful day. Everyday is worth living. I had been doing self-reflection lately, hihie. Oh, forgot to tell. Trial is officially over today, so merdeka! haha. Now, focus to SPM. Yes, FOCUS TO SPM.

Got to go, guys.
Till the next post,
take care and buh bye :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi earthlings. :)
Remember me? Guess I haven't been writing my own post for quite sometime huh? Let's see, the last post was on August 15th. Wow, almost a month. Bravo for me. Bravo for resisting to write, just draft in my head and of course bravo for being so lazy to write. I just did my normal blog walking stuff to my favourite blogs. It was fun, just reading people's life. Hihi. Now I wonder how is my life compared to theirs. Incomparable? Haha

I had just finished my Biology paper just now. Yapp, after strangling the numerous monsters I found among the pages of the papers. Some people were screaming hooray and planning to go to eat to celebrate the end of the 'deadly' trial exam. Well, I didn't cause there's still one more paper to go. ICT paper. Anyway, ICT is Information and Communication Technology. Oh, thank God I still remember what ICT stands for. Less one thing to revise, I guess.  

The end of August and starting of September seemed to be not such a good start after all. Many things happened, with unexplained reasons. I miss having my whole class together, including Kimie, Kira and Syafiq. May God be with them. It was shocking, especially when I was in the commotion when something bad happened. --" Minus the experience, I really don't want to have any experience of it again. Pity them, so much. I really miss the whole class being together, laughing till our stomach hurts, together, together, together. Miss staring down the books or papers so hard when the physics teacher is talking. Miss the hectic morning when everyone didn't manage to complete maths exercise. Miss the awkward silence when one of us are questioned by the teacher. Miss having normal classes, stayback classes, night classes and Saturday classes with everyone together-gether. 

This post is really way of what I planned to write. Actually wanted to write about Trial but guess I'm off track. Sorry people, my fingers just type what's my heart is feeling right now :)

Okayy. Now about Trial. Hey, I wonder if people know what is an examination. I also wonder if people do know about honesty, maybe? I am not mentioning every single human on earth. But only apart of us. With question leakage here and there, I'll be surprised if the results doesn't shoot up like the passive artificial immunity graph. *still in Bio mood, haha* Anyway, it's okay if you just shut up about you having the exam answers. You don't have to show it to everyone on earth. Yet you deny referring or should I say copy it during the examination when you are holding that piece of paper in your hand. Save your words. Save your breath. Sorry bro. Sorry sis. Ibetulbetultakbolehtahandenganorangmacamini. You know what, many people choose to be honest so stop bothering people with what you have or know or whatever lah. Sorry bro. Sorry sis. This is my blog. I have my right :) Bukan ape, just nak remind myself and you too. Meh sama-sama muhasabah diri, jom. Cermin diri tuu sikit. Escpecially the ones sitting for major exams. Particularly me. 

Just now saw this pics on one of my classmate's pencil box. Owner's name is kept secret. Just in case he came running after me with swords to cut my head off for mentioning his name here. Macam lah he reads my blog. haha. Anyway. Love it. Heart it. Luckily can control myself or I would have stolen it. Haha. 

FYI, to look at the Eiffel tower with my own eyes has been my childhood dream. *wide grin* 

Okaayy then. Got to go.
Buh bye. :)

With love,
(not PSY, the man who sang oppa gangnam style, kahkah)