Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi there wonderful people! 

Okay, this is just going to be a short post, just to serve as a notification, or something that may benefit some of you guys (and girls) who are actually searching for information about.. UKM ASASIpintar Foundation Program. 

I know, it'll be so hard to find anything related to this course huh? 

So, I'm gonna leave a FB page link here.

Or you can just go search 'Program ASASIpintar' in FB. 

Oh yeah, and a few of my friends actually blogged about the program too. So, if you are excited, try to search for them okay.

Take note on this post though: 

"Hi and a very good day everyone! 

First of all, congratulations as you manage to obtain the chance to enter this foundation program under UKM. This page is a platform for seniors to share their experiences and to try answer inquiries from our juniors.

However, the team behind the page is now compiling common questions that juniors are curious to know about this program and will be answering them soon. So, we would like to ask for some time before we release any posts. Let's just say that this page is 'under construction'.

Stay tuned! Thanks!

Excited senior."

So, give the team a bit of time and yeap, hopefully your inquires will be answered :)

Feel free to approach me on FB as well or you can comment under this post or you can ask in the chat bar at the side there as well. However, I do not promise a swift on-the-spot reply but will reply as soon as i can okay. But bear in mind that, my batch's experience is not the same with the following batch's experience. So yeah.  

Got to go! Thanks for reading! Toodles :)

Signing off, 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Looking Back

Hi there.

I can't believe it's mid-semester break now. The previous post about the start of second semester was like... two months ago. I think I better slap myself to accepting this reality.

I've just finished arranging and separating my Infection and Immunity notes to a few parts; immunology, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, self-learning packages and problem based-learning cases. This module carries 5 credit hours, with 21 lectures. I think this module has the most lectures so far, phew. You know what, I think I'm writing this now is to just scare myself to fully use this week's time. I have end of module examination on the first day after the break. *creepy music*

People say, being in medical school is about pass or fail. Yea, it's true. To pass is not easy. Sometimes you'll come out satisfied with what you had answered, but at the end the results is a no-no. Results are unexpected. Then you'll find yourself feeling down, like really down and wonder are you really capable of this. I am not trying to scare any potential juniors off. Trust me. I've been there, done that. Have a heart of steel, have a mind of positive ions. Please, have people who supports and reminds you of God, hope and faith. Know that you are not alone, really.

Yikes. Enough being the miss-know-everything now Yen. The purpose of this post is to write on the first half of semester 2. I am incapable of writing everything down I've experienced though. Let's try to do this chronologically by referring to my phone camera.

New hostel. Ikea carrot plushie. Healthy lifestyle. Everyday walk. 

New year clothes hunt. Johor asam laksa. Eyeglo. 

New jogging place. Taman Tasik Permaisuri. 

PBL 20. Group leader. 

Chinese New Year. Gummy bears. Family. Cousins. Yellow shirts. Photos. Fireworks. 

Musical drama. English festival. Narrator. 

Kamal bookstore. Book vouchers. New book. 

T-super. Grey. Dodge ball. Epic slip and fall. Sunburn. 

CESMED. Business. Inspiring talks. Team. 

Clinical Science. New. 

Academic Com II. English. Funny lecturer.

College dinner. Oscar night. Choir. 

Human Genetics. Border. Improvement. 

Insurgent. Dream catcher. 

Peace and humanity. Prognosis. Sekolah Bukan Penjara. Telegraf Cinta USD.

PAP UKM KL. Dedication gifts. Orders. Money, Delivery. 

Ching ming. Ancestors. Graveyard visit. Prayers.  

Aseptic techniques. Hand wash. Scrubs. Surgery gowns.

Community visit. Spastic center Petaling Jaya. Ice cream. Heena. Phone calls. Pre-visit. Challenging. Visit. Blue tshirts. Goodies bag. Inspiring. Grateful. April's Fool. Manhattan Fish Market. Shooting. Video. Report. 

Boat noodle. Fruit salad. Green tea. Canvas bag.

Infection and Immunity module. Labs, lots. Fun. Drawings. 

Psychiatry ward visit. Jauhi stigma, luaskan paradigma. Musical chair. Chocolate jar. 

MEDebate. Meetings. Numerous FB chat groups. Perhubungan luar. Networking. Meetings. Rehearsal. Black. Runners. Swing team. New views. Emcee. 

Sun. Rain. Fever. No more teh wangi please. Mood swings. Pimples. Eyebags. Music. Food. Clouds. 

So, that's it. Feeling satisfied. Now let's go to bed.

Thanks for reading, toodles :)

Signing off, 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Start of Something New


Tomorrow is the first day of second semester. Holidays is over. New hostel is great. Well, although I think still need more furbishing and the cafe, study room is still not ready yet. But anyway, grateful that this is really nearer to the pre-clinical complex. At least no need to catch early buses with puffy eyes, haha. Tried the shortcut route just now in the evening. It'll probably take us about 10 mins but when you are clad in baju kurungs and nak kawal ayu lagi (lol), just estimate it as a half-hour walk.

No doubt, I will miss the holidays (so much) and miss home too. I am happy with whatever I had done for the few weeks. Loads of fun and loads of love received. Thank you lovely people. You know whoever you are *wink*

The only thing is the past semester's results is still not out yet. Perhaps tomorrow.. I promised myself, and also perhaps hypnotizing myself to find something positive about the results. Either way, self-improvement is always needed.

New semester. New spirit. May everything goes well. Wishing myself and everyone with new semesters a very happy semester. Let's look forward for it!

P/S: I can't wait for Chinese New Year holidays though, haha.

Thanks for reading and toodles :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2014 Recap

2014. A year of goodbyes and changes.

Hi there, hope everyone is perfectly fine. If not fine, then just okay, alright? :)

This post is just to recap and share what I have been through in 2014. So that memories won't fade away. You know the feeling of wanting to hold on, on pieces of memories that someone has given to you? Takut. Takut sangat nak lepaskan. Perhaps it's the guilt of not being able to keep the memory alive. 

Around April or May last year, I thought that saying goodbye to Eximius was the hardest thing to do. We cried a lot, well I did. Tears of sadness because we know that things are not going to be the same again. But there was no pain. We promise each other that we will keep this friendship strong, keep the  Eximius spirit alive, no matter how far we are apart from each other. 

So that's my first hard goodbye of the year.

The next few months of holidays were filled with choices. Especially choices which I will be responsible for a lifetime. What do I want to do as a human on earth? What degree do I want to take? Which way? Thank God for my supportive parents, family, lecturers and friends. I went for two interviews in UKM, both medical and dentistry faculties, not knowing what results to expect. Pray and tawakal, they said.

I spent two to three months of the holidays in this skyscraper city. Had a working experience. Dear uncle wants me to experience the real world and not to be confined in my thoughts of this 'perfect' world. Eventually , he got my a job in a fast food outlet somewhere. A few jabs and tests, got my uniform and off I go. Managers and colleagues, both local and immigrants were the people I interacted for the few months. Unexpected new friendship. Nice customers (perhaps bad ones too, but who am I to judge). Long working schedule. Not to forget, a peep to the world of reality. My comment? Not bad huh.

The rush. From waking up in the wee hours of the morning (puffy eyes are a norm) to attending long queues. Dragged both my feet back on the very first day. 

The perfection. All the procedures that each cashier has to follow. Eye contacts. Checked. Colgate smile. Checked. Key in orders. Checked. Repeat orders. Checked. Suggest add-ons. Checked. 

Not to forget. Getting degree admission results in this city. With friends at the airport. I guess the whole airport turned to us when we screamed. Alas, this is s one in a lifetime shout out. Throw all you 'ayu-ness' and petite attitude for a while Yen. *laugh* Called the whole family to share. God, thank you.

A little celebration at a little cafe that night. Still remember how it was. I can't forget how excited was his face. I'm just his niece but it seemed that he told everyone he met on that day. He wanted to post the results on FB but I won't let him. He was searching on how to blur the IC but I begged him not to. Which he finaly agreed at the end, yeay. Perhaps the world was good to me at that time but not others. But now, to think back, perhaps I should just let him pass. Starbucks after dinner with 'Congratulations Yen' on the cup, the night was just perfect. 

When it is time to say goodbyes again, my heart ache. We just need to take charge of our future alright? Resignation letter. Checked. Donuts for everyone. Checked. Thank you wishes and hugs. Checked. 

Flew back to Kelantan for preparation. Shopping shopping shopping.

Drove down to KL with parents, pit stopped at grandparents' house. Thanksgiving prayers. Checked. Little celebration at kampung house. Checked. Grandma's scrumptious food. Checked.

"Ah Ma and Ah Kong don't know whether we can wait as long as 5 years to see you graduate."
There was no definite answer for that. Just, have faith perhaps.

I wouldn't want to describe my degree life here yet. Just know that I've lost someone very dear to me in November. I haven't really put the word 'late' every time I talk about him. See, all the 'he' in this post all refers to him. Okay maybe this is confusing, sorry. And I wouldn't want to talk about what happened, how he went and stuffs. Just hope that he's up there, smiling :)

Saying goodbye is hard. But you will feel better when you know that you will be seeing the person again. Want to know what's harder? Saying goodbye, knowing that you will never see the person ever again.

Perhaps this post is sort of 'berterabur', sorry. Just want to make clear my head a bit and slowly start writing back. No promises though. Let's see how life is, haha. Thanks and toodles.