Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi there wonderful people! 

Okay, this is just going to be a short post, just to serve as a notification, or something that may benefit some of you guys (and girls) who are actually searching for information about.. UKM ASASIpintar Foundation Program. 

I know, it'll be so hard to find anything related to this course huh? 

So, I'm gonna leave a FB page link here.

Or you can just go search 'Program ASASIpintar' in FB. 

Oh yeah, and a few of my friends actually blogged about the program too. So, if you are excited, try to search for them okay.

Take note on this post though: 

"Hi and a very good day everyone! 

First of all, congratulations as you manage to obtain the chance to enter this foundation program under UKM. This page is a platform for seniors to share their experiences and to try answer inquiries from our juniors.

However, the team behind the page is now compiling common questions that juniors are curious to know about this program and will be answering them soon. So, we would like to ask for some time before we release any posts. Let's just say that this page is 'under construction'.

Stay tuned! Thanks!

Excited senior."

So, give the team a bit of time and yeap, hopefully your inquires will be answered :)

Feel free to approach me on FB as well or you can comment under this post or you can ask in the chat bar at the side there as well. However, I do not promise a swift on-the-spot reply but will reply as soon as i can okay. But bear in mind that, my batch's experience is not the same with the following batch's experience. So yeah.  

Got to go! Thanks for reading! Toodles :)

Signing off, 

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