Monday, February 16, 2015

Start of Something New


Tomorrow is the first day of second semester. Holidays is over. New hostel is great. Well, although I think still need more furbishing and the cafe, study room is still not ready yet. But anyway, grateful that this is really nearer to the pre-clinical complex. At least no need to catch early buses with puffy eyes, haha. Tried the shortcut route just now in the evening. It'll probably take us about 10 mins but when you are clad in baju kurungs and nak kawal ayu lagi (lol), just estimate it as a half-hour walk.

No doubt, I will miss the holidays (so much) and miss home too. I am happy with whatever I had done for the few weeks. Loads of fun and loads of love received. Thank you lovely people. You know whoever you are *wink*

The only thing is the past semester's results is still not out yet. Perhaps tomorrow.. I promised myself, and also perhaps hypnotizing myself to find something positive about the results. Either way, self-improvement is always needed.

New semester. New spirit. May everything goes well. Wishing myself and everyone with new semesters a very happy semester. Let's look forward for it!

P/S: I can't wait for Chinese New Year holidays though, haha.

Thanks for reading and toodles :)



  1. Happy CNY dear. And goodluck for your new semester. TC :*

  2. I take it you were previously in a program called Asasi Pintar at UKM right? I would like to ask about the test that students need to take before furthering their studies in that program. Is it hard? Haha. And second, what if my test results aren't that good, would I be rejected? Thank you so much for your time! I hope you'd answer this asap. I understand that you're busy so I hope you see this comment before the deadline for the UPU thing. If not then tough luck haha. Oh and good luck with your studies!

    1. Hey there. I'm sorry I just saw this comment. You are the same girl that asked in the FB page right? Really sorry dear. Thanks!